A Great IT Team To Have On Our Side

One of the biggest benefits of working with Network Heroes is the ability to control costs.  We know up front what they are going to be so there are no surprises.

Communication is excellent. We are kept in the loop with service requests and there is no issue getting someone on the phone if needed.

What I like about Network Heroes is not only are they are involved with IT issues, but they are also helpful with future planning for running our business. They are a good consultant/adviser to have in the bullpen when you need technical advice, be it hardware, software, or security. Give them a call.

Jordan Faux Partner
The Faux Law Group
Henderson, NV

Prompt And Efficient Service

The level of responsiveness to any IT issue, whether small or large, as well as the attention to detail Network Heroes provides, is above that of any other IT firms our office has worked with in the past.

I have the utmost confidence and trust in the work that Network Heroes provides, and that is one of the most important qualities that any office should look for in an IT firm.

Robert McBride Partner
McBride Hall
Las Vegas, NV

Dependability, Reliability, and Trust

The best benefits about working with Network Heroes have been dependability, reliability, and trust in the services they provide for our organization.  We appreciate that they are always updated with new information about our business, the staff is always prepared, and they deliver prompt service.  Having Network Heroes provide your IT support is the best investment you can make.  They keep your business running smoothly.

Anitoco Carrillo Executive Director
Aid For AIDS of Nevada
Las Vegas, NV

Personal Service Is Unmatched

I like the personal service we get from Network Heroes. I know we are not their only client but they make us feel that way.  They helped get us setup with Microsoft Teams and that function alone made our transition to work remotely so much easier.

I highly recommend Network Heroes.  Their personal service is unmatched.

Destiny Thompson Administrative Manager
Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

Network Heroes Actually Cares

Network Heroes provides us with safety from viruses and hacking.  Their attention to detail with requests and follow ups are much better than any other company that we have worked with in the past.  And personally, the ease of access I have to their technicians when we have certain projects that need immediate attention is very important to me.

Peace of mind in knowing that your computers are being protected is of the upmost importance.  If you do not want to lose sleep at night then go with Network Heroes.

Edwin Suarez Physical Therapist and Owner
Suarez Physical Therapy
Las Vegas, NV

Stellar Customer Service

Network Heroes has eliminated the IT related problems that used to bog us down in terms of both time and resources.  Their customer service is stellar:  amazingly quick responses to problems and the ability to address a wide range of issues, including addressing not just computer and system issues, but little things like issues with specific software programs.

I recommend Network Heroes, not only to eliminate headaches from IT issues, but also to save time and money.

Scott Weide Partner
Weide & Miller, LTD
Las Vegas, NV

Network Heroes Is A Very Appropriate Name

Jon (and his very skilled staff) have been our network’s “heroes” for many years. Their team does an excellent job of maintaining our network, responds quickly whenever we need anything, and fixes problems promptly so as not to disrupt our business operations. Network Heroes is worth every penny and I highly recommend their services.

Jennifer Abrams Managing Partner
The Abrams and Mayo Law Firm
Las Vegas, NV

A Better Value

Network Heroes gives our firm versatility regarding IT service and advice specific to our industry (Legal).  They provide responsive and reliable service and are priced competitively.  If you were to weigh their service/price against the cost/talent of hired staff, for most small businesses, working with Network Heroes would be a better value.

Chad J. Joslyn Controller
Backus, Carranza & Burden
Las Vegas, NV

Extremely Responsive and Awesome

The technical team at Network Heroes is extremely responsive to our issues and addresses them quickly and accurately.  The admin team is awesome at automating the billing and ensuring I am up to date on the purchases made by the firm.  There are no hidden expenses and everything is very easy for my accounting department to understand.

I like that we can have a Q&A discussion and we are not kept on the phone as they troubleshoot the issue.  They fix it and call us back to ensure the problem is resolved.  The biggest time suck for us is downtime, but it’s so helpful for us to simply jump on another task as your company works their “magic”.  I highly recommend Network Heroes to anyone that has IT issues.

Farrah Kaahanui Office Manager
BattleBorn Injury Lawyers
Las Vegas, NV

IT Is Confusing Enough… Go With a Team That Is Friendly and Precise

Flora Couture is a fast-paced company and with the wonderful and helpful team at Network Heroes, we get service fast.  They listen to our concerns and make sure they explain the why’s and how’s of what the next step is.  I have never had an IT company be so thorough when explaining a situation.  The whole team at Network Heroes is friendly and precise and it is always a pleasure to work with them, even when dealing with the madness of an IT issue.  I say go with Network Heroes!

Flora Couture Whitley Clark
Account Manager
Flora Couture
Las Vegas, NV

Fast Service

Network Heroes timing of help is right away.  The prior company we used to use would never even call us back.  If you want great service then call Network Heroes.  They get it done ASAP.

Vicky Kreider Office Manager
Nevada Community Management
Las Vegas, NV

Really Responsive and Patient

Our firm has had a boatload of IT work over the past few months – a ton of upgrades.  And now most all of us are dependent on remote access (especially me!).  I have to hand it to your techs – they have been really responsive and patient and have done an enormous amount of extra work for our firm.  They have good troubleshooting skills and they know how to fix things.  I recommend Network Heroes for all these reasons, plus they have a reasonable monthly price.

Jane Standish Office Manager
Standish Law Group
Las Vegas, NV

Knowledgeable & Friendly.

I continue to work with your team because of the response time, knowledge of various programs, and professionalism. You always fix whatever is not working (which is amazing).  I feel like you guys are a part of our company and that best says and describes our relationship.  Thanks for everything.  Best that I have worked with!

Stefanie Anderson Practice Administrator
Innovative Pain Care Center
Las Vegas, NV

Above and Beyond

Network Heroes has helped us save a lot of money on our phone and internet bills by assessing what we had in the past and pointing us in the right directions, as well as saving us a lot of downtime.

EVERY time we have a problem Network Heroes goes above and beyond the call of duty.  We love the quick service and knowing that they know all the ins and outs of our building and our network and that if anything goes wrong, we can count on them to address the problem immediately.  They always call us back immediately and send someone right out if it cannot be resolved over the phone.

Lindsay Atkins Finance Manager
Aid for AIDS of Nevada
Las Vegas, NV

Issues Are Solved

You guys are the best, quick response, calm and efficient. You solve our issues without creating issues. You complete the job with high knowledge in the field. We appreciate all your help getting our business back up and running. You guys are my favorite vendor. Always kind, always prompt, and get it right. Thank you, Network Heroes - You are well named.

Denise Selleck Executive Director
Clark County Medical Society
Las Vegas, NV

Exceeded our Expectations

Network Heroes is an appropriate name for this firm. After many years of frustration and struggle with our expanding, yet small business computer network, I can now focus on our business and not our business computing. Following a thorough, no cost / no obligation on-site assessment of our network, Network Heroes crafted a plan that has exceeded our expectations, but not our IT budget. I strongly endorse Network Heroes. All small business owners seeking professional and precise computer network solutions need to contact Network Heroes today.

George Vaughn Broker and Owner
Greater Las Vegas Property Management
Las Vegas, NV

Great Service

Project done quickly and not too much bother on our side. Great as usual. Thanks!

Chad Miller Partner
Weide & Miller, LTD
Las Vegas, NV

We Make a Great Team

They are super-efficient when on-boarding new employees and are great in relaying information to the other technician when they were unavailable! They made the transition to the pandemic easier by helping us stay productive as a business. Thank you for guiding me and advising me of what occurred and what to anticipate for the future. Greatly appreciate your assistance and guidance. ALWAYS ON POINT! We thank you and your team for all your help. You're amazing! Delighted to have you working with us!

Chelsee Laela Battle Born Injury, Las Vegas, NV

So Helpful

Always so pleasant and helpful. I appreciate the patience and technical knowledge.

Andrea Scott Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
Reno, NV


You folks always make me feel special! Thanks so much.

Billy Blackwell Partner
BilMar Landscape Industries
Las Vegas, NV

They Fixed Everything

I loved that as soon as I had the issues I called, and they were able to jump in my computer to see what I was talking about. It made it a lot easier than trying to explain things. Super nice, fixed everything and made sure I didn't need anything else before finishing working on my computer. Thanks!

Sara Clark Communications Director
Faux Law Group
Henderson, NV

Great Job

You guys always do a great job when I call.

Stephen Minoletti Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

They Solve All of the Problems at Once
So patient and professional with dealing with the issue that I was having. Also solved 2 other issues while I had them on the phone.

Juanita Jones IPSC
Las Vegas, NV

Great Response Time

Quick response. Able to fix the issue quickly and friendly in demeanor.

William Wong Backus, Carranza & Burden >
Las Vegas, NV

Best Service Ever

Best service ever! Timely and efficient. I always receive a prompt and helpful response.

Linzel McBride Office Administrator
McBride Hall
Las Vegas, Nv

Great Guidance

Provided all information I needed to resolve my issue!

Carolina Soto Nevada Community Management
Las Vegas, NV

Responsive and Informative

The technicians are the best. Super responsive and informative. Always a big help! Thank you so much!

Shawna DeSart Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc..
Las Vegas, NV

Fast Response and Great Support

As always, they have shown great support four our needs here at Nevada Community Management Las Vegas, NV. Always so fast to responding to my issues. Thank you on behalf of the team!

Christine Turner Nevada Community Management
Las Vegas, NV

Patient and Efficient Expertise

Always gets back with me and is always on top of the issue! I so appreciate the prompt attention and help! I can continue my day without lengthy interruptions. Network Heroes is fortunate to have good technicians and I am fortunate to be able to correspond with them whenever I run into problems with my computer. I want to say thank for all your patience, time, and expertise. Please know that your talent is much appreciated. You are the best!

Yvonne Giraud Backus, Carranza & Burden >
Las Vegas, NV

Prompt Feedback

Very prompt feedback. Thank you!

Laura Bundy Medical Neurology
Las Vegas, NV


Patient with me and explained the process clearly.

Jeoffrey Aurelio ProCare Hospice
Las Vegas, NV

Corrected the Problem

I appreciated the urgency you all placed on this ticket and the effort to correct my problem. They were very hospitable, courteous, and worked on the computer diligently. They went out of way to deliver the machine. Thanks guys.

Randy Kirner Assemblyman Randy Kirner
Reno, NV

Always Lightning Fast

Network Heroes are lightning fast, as always! They are always a pleasure to work with! Always on top of things, thank you Network Heroes Team!

Seth Johnson Smarter Finance
Las Vegas, NV

Lessons Learned

Very knowledgeable and fixed my problem. They also informed me of other things I was not aware of. Lessons learned. Thank you!

Anne Raymundo Backus, Carranza & Burden >
Las Vegas, NV

Simply Resolved

Quick response that was simply resolved.

David Salter Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

Great to Work With

Network Heroes is quick to respond, very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They always ask the right questions and follow through in getting things done. Always very professional, thorough, and patient when educating me with answers to the questions I ask. Thank you, Network Heroes team players!!

Julia Meyer BilMar Landscape Industries
Las Vegas, NV


I really appreciate the knowledge and professionalism.

Ryan Carey Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

They Pay Attention to Us

They continued to follow up with our office for status of our 2-factor authentication app to apply. The persistence to hold us accountable is appreciated. Very helpful and got me taken care of right away. Thank you so much!

Danna Seide Target Construction Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

Smooth Setup

Quick response and smooth set up conducted with me on the phone. Appreciated confirmation completed while still on the phone that the printer set up worked as well.

Angela Berg ProCare Hospice
Las Vegas, NV

Always Professional

Fast Service! Always professional.

Julie McWilliams Nevada Community Management
Las Vegas, NV

Super Kind and Thorough

Always super kind and thorough, making it easy and quick to address any IT issues I have. The coolest and easiest people to work with. Ever. Thanks!

Sabrina Moore Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV


Helpful, quick, and responsive.

Kimberly Johnson Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV


Very helpful. Thank you.

Yan Yan Li Clark County Regional Center
Las Vegas, NV

Awesome All Together

Like always, awesome!! Awesome techs!!! Fast Service!

Christina Lopez Helm & Associates
Las Vegas, NV

Excellent Service

Always excellent service by the staff at Network Heroes!

Marevna Cutting Practice Manager
Reliant Physicians
Las Vegas, NV

Positive Outcome

It was a positive outcome for a challenging task. Good job.

Alex Swayze Target Construction Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

Quick to Respond

Quick to respond and help with my inquiry.

Lauren Baumann Wicked Creative
Las Vegas, NV


Quick and competent response.

Willi Siepmann Attorney
Faux Law Group
Henderson, NV

Above and Beyond

Network Heroes always goes above and beyond. Always courteous and gets the job done quickly.

Roberta Simmons Aid for AIDS of Nevada
Las Vegas, NV

Effective Communication

Responsive and communicated effectively. Thanks for the support!

Dara Alberson Premier Office Systems, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

Always Prompt

Prompt in fixing my office computer issues. Thank you.

Eric Wang Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV


Very knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciated the timely follow up.

Aaron Montemayor Rapid Rehab
Las Vegas, NV

Follow the Time Frame They Give

I was contacted and the issue was resolved within the time frame that I was given. Thank you!

JeKeissa Mosley Aid for AIDS of Nevada
Las Vegas, NV

It Was Taken Care Of

They took the problem right away.

Anthony Brower Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

Keep Me in The Loop

Very prompt and fast. Also communicated with me on what they were doing. Thanks!

Chris Tornello Republic Electric Inc
Las Vegas, NV

Great, Quick Work

They are great! Worked fast to fix my issue and my computer works great!

Brittany Green Clark County Medical Society
Las Vegas, NV

Problems Solved

Always solve my PC Problems. Thanks!

Kristin Sylva Clement Law Offices
Las Vegas, NV

Quick, Great Service

I received great service very quickly!!

Karen Low Standish Law Group
Las Vegas, NV

Courteous and Prompt

Courteous and prompt service. Plus, you guys are so professional!

Lisa Duran Clark County Medical Society
Las Vegas, NV

Back Up in No Time

Right on it today and had me back up and running in no time!

Amanda Davis Nevada Community Management
Las Vegas, NV

Awesome Service

Awesome! Very helpful and thorough. Thanks!

Chet Zeken Smarter Finance
Las Vegas, NV

Exactly What I Needed

It was done quickly, efficiently and it was exactly what I requested! Thank you so much!

Linda Macko Republic Electric Inc
Las Vegas, NV

Corrected the Issue

Corrected the issue very quicky. Thank you!

Brandy Asquith Republic Electric Inc
Las Vegas, NV


Responsive again! Thanks!

Greg DeSart Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

Always a Pleasure

Thank you, it’s always a pleasure working with you.

Annella Kelsey ProCare Hospice
Las Vegas, NV

Great Customer Service

I appreciate their customer service the most. Everyone at Network Heroes is always helpful.

Chas Berlfein BilMar Landscape Industries
Las Vegas, NV

Truly Heroes

Thanks again! The team at Network Heroes are truly heroes. Thanks for your lightning fast resolution to my immediate need get back to work as commerce never stops and neither do our Heroes!

Billy Blackwell President
BILMAR Companies
Las Vegas, NV