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The HITECH Act (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) mandates that penalties be imposed on healthcare organizations that don’t adopt the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) before January 2015.

To receive government funding, health practitioners must prove the meaningful use of patient medical records by implementing certified EHR (Electronic Health Record) technologies.  This means that the EMR vendor you use must be comply strictly with the rules set.  Network Heroes does.

Network Heroes are your Health IT and EHR/EMR Specialists in Las Vegas. Network Heroes is one of only a few IT providers in the Las Vegas area that with a dedicated medical IT practice.

  • If you don’t comply with the meaningful healthcare use for EHRs by January 2015, your Medicare payments will be reduced by 1%.
  • These reductions increase to 2% if you aren’t able to demonstrate your meaningful use of EHR by 2016.
  • And the penalty increases to 3% in subsequent years.
  • If by the end of 2017 you are less than 75% compliant, the payment reduction continues to increase by 1% per year.

 Don’t Get Penalized — Network Heroes Can Help.

You shouldn’t wait to implement certified EHR technologies. The time is now. It’s essential that you complete your first 90-day reporting period no later than July 3rd, 2014!

Network Heroes can help you comply with HIPAA, HITECH and EHR regulations.  Plus we’re experienced in applications like Chart Logic, eMD’s, Dentrix and more.

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