Secure Your Emails With The Top IT Solutions For Law Firms

Network Heroes offers a full suite of IT Solutions for Law Firms that will help you secure your emails.

Downtime, compromised data, security issues, and slow-running technology cause big headaches for today’s attorneys. After all, time is money, especially if you work under a billable-hours system.

You can’t afford to sit idle when technology doesn’t work. If your competitors use today’s more efficient IT solutions, they’ll blow right past you and take your clients away. Or worse, your counterparts will win your cases, and your reputation will suffer.

Harness The Power of IT Solutions for Law Firms

Technology helps you carry out essential tasks, exercise professional judgment, engage with and represent clients, provide advice and settle key commercial dealings.

If you view technology as an opportunity rather than a threat, your firm will prosper, and reap the rewards from your efforts. If you don’t, you’ll fall behind the competition.

You use technology now more than ever – at least you should be doing so. Today’s technology is invaluable, and with time, it will become even more so.

In the past, the legal profession lagged behind others with the adoption of new technology. They relied on law books and hard-copy documents, but no longer.

Law firms like yours are now embracing new IT Solutions for Law Firms. Just like other businesses, you need to streamline services to save time and process information with technology like electronic case organization, electronic spreadsheets, databases, word processing, legal research software, presentation applications and e-billing software.

IT Solutions For Law Firms That Will Secure Your Email

Cybercriminals often use e-mail as one of their primary tools for social engineering against vulnerable users. As such, it is critical to protecting your organization with a best-in-breed email security solution.

Inadequate security measures for your business’ email can have serious real, given the reality of modern cybercrime:

  • 91% of targeted attacks start with email
  • 23% of users always click a dangerous link
  • Conventional security solutions like Antivirus programs are only 1% effective

The fact is that cybercriminals today don’t bother looking for a technical vulnerability in your cybersecurity measures: they target your employees instead.

  • 7% of attachment-based campaigns relied on social engineering
  • Hackers have optimized their campaigns to occur at the beginning of the business day when victims are most likely to click links and download attachments
  • Users have willingly downloaded more than 2 billion apps that access and steal their personal information
  • Credential phishing campaigns are nearly 3 times as common as links to pages that host malware

Partner With Network Heroes For Proven IT Solutions for Law Firms

Just as you wouldn’t try to win a case all on your own, you also shouldn’t try to handle your email security without expert assistance.

When selecting your partner in legal IT security, make sure you find one that will implement a range of IT Solutions for Law Firms, including security measures to protect your law practice against intruders, malware threats, and disasters.

Ensure that…

  • You comply with legal and confidentiality requirements when using technology.
  • You use appropriate technical means to minimize the risk of disclosure, discovery, or interception of communications.
  • Data and email are encrypted to protect your sensitive information.
  • You adopt management practices that offer protection against disclosure or discovery of electronically transmitted l messages.


  • Unauthorized access to your electronic data.
  • Computer viruses from damaging your data.
  • Natural or manmade disasters from affecting your IT operations.

Confirm that…

  • Your files are reliably backed up and recoverable.
  • Both offsite and onsite data backups are maintained.
  • Data is restorable by performing ongoing testing.


  • Systems Analysis
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Up-to-Date Security Solutions
  • User Support and Training

Allow Network Heroes to help. Our Spam & Email Protection will do the following for your law firm:

  • Improve email access with attachment & message archiving, and flexible search options.
  • Refine business processes to offload huge amounts of storage from your servers.
  • Ensure the security of your email to eliminate online threats and keep your business secure.
  • Simplifies systems with easy access to your data through comprehensive email indexing.

If you’re not sure about how to ensure that your law firm’s emails are totally secure, then don’t try “fake it ’till you make it”. Be sure to consult an expert if you’re unsure as to the state of your firm’s cybersecurity defenses.

After all, is this a lot to consider? Yes. Do you have to handle it all on your own? No! If you have any concerns about your cybersecurity whatsoever, be sure to get in touch with an expert support provider like Network Heroes right away. Always be careful, and ensure your systems are up to date.

For more information about the IT Solutions for Law Firms that we offer, including email security services, get in touch with Network Heroes at (844) 336-4376 or

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