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“We are lucky to have the best IT team on the planet.”

Brandon,  great job handling this transition. We are lucky to have the best IT team on the planet. Thanks you for all the hard work and expertise, it is very much appreciated.

David Alessi
Alessi and Koenig

“I’m soooo glad we are with the Heroes now!!!”

Thanks soooo much Network Heroes. Got what I needed this morning … took about 5 minutes… You rock!!!! Our software support tech said that I had good IT guys if they were able to produce the back up for me so quickly. I’m soooo glad we are with the Heroes now!!!

Michele Zapata
Practice Manager, Edwin Suarez Physical Therapy, LLC

“You’re amazing!”

You’re amazing! This computer now does everything faster. I no longer have to sit here and twiddle my thumbs and wait for things to be sent to my printer or wait to open attachments. Thank you very much.

Jean Goins
Firm Administrator, Springel & Fink, LLP

“Thank you for the quick response.”

I wanted to let you know that you guys are fantastic. Thank you for the quick response and the kindness from you and your follow techs. Everyone is so professional and understanding, even when I call early in the morning. Please let them know that I truly appreciate it. Thank you for all your hard work.

Toni Martin
Office Administration, Jimmerson Hansen, LLP

“You guys are the BEST!”

Thank you again for all your help! You guys are the BEST!

Herman L. Ross II
CEO/CFO, National Insurance Consultants, Inc.

“Network Heroes has been my tech support for years!”

Network Heroes has been done my tech support for years and, aside from the great service they provide in general, the one thing that really stands out for me is that I have had the same IT tech for all that time. Brandon comes in, knows my system, gets the job done and is there for follow-up or the next time I need help. It is such a change from my experience prior to utilizing this company, when a different tech would show up each time and change everything because he didn’t know what the tech before him had done.

Cindy Lee Stock
Attorney at Law

“Network Heroes is worth every penny.”

Network Heroes is a very appropriate name as Jon (and his very skilled staff) have been our network’s “heroes” for many years. Jon does an excellent job of maintaining our network, he responds quickly whenever we need anything and he fixes problems promptly so as not to disrupt our business operations. Network Heroes is worth every penny and I highly recommend their services.

Jennifer V. Abrams, Esq.
Certified Family Law Specialist, THE ABRAMS LAW FIRM, LLC

“Network Heroes is an appropriate name for this firm.”

Network Heroes is an appropriate name for this firm. After many years of frustration and struggle with our expanding, yet small business computer network, I can now focus on our business and not our business computing. Following a thorough, no cost / no obligation on-site assessment of our network, Network Heroes crafted a plan that has exceeded our expectations, but not our IT budget. I strongly endorse Network Heroes. All small business owners seeking professional and precise computer network solutions need to contact Network Heroes today.

George Vaughn
Broker / Owner, Greater Las Vegas Property Management

““Heroes, really!” After working with them for a year – it is TRUE!!”

When I first saw the company name, Network Heroes, I thought “what an ego? Heroes, really!” After working with them for a year – it is TRUE!! They signed on to be our IT support 3 days before we moved office buildings, not a small task. They have been by our side through all of our technology challenges including helping represent us with outside vendors such as CenturyLink when all CenturyLink wanted to do was repeatedly tell me it was an internal problem. Their staff is attentive, polite, and well mannered. I can say I have never seen them fly off the handle or speak ill of others. It is a refreshing change from my prior years experience with other IT companies.

Cira Jones
Director of Finance / Admin, AFAN - Aid For Aids of Nevada

“You guys truly are the best!!”

Thank you so much for constantly being my knights in technological armor ? You guys truly are the best!!

Lieren Timeus
Office Manager, Johns & Durrant, LLP

“Network Heroes has always been there to help me.”

Network Heroes has always been there to help me–whether during the work day or on the weekends. I do all of my work remotely, and I rely on them for so much, and they never disappoint me. They are courteous and prompt with their help–and they never get impatient with me. I would recommend them highly. We have had several computer technicians at S&F, and they are by far the most reliable and the most knowledgeable.

Carol Davis
Independent Contractor, Springel & Fink, LLP

“I love my Heroes!!”

I love my Heroes!!

Christy Lopez
Firm Administrator, Helm & Associates

“My issue was fixed within MINUTES.”

My issue was fixed within MINUTES and as usual, Jon Matero was prompt, professional and his skills are exemplary. He’s gotten me out of more jams than I care to admit. Thank you Network Heroes!

Kathleen McCabe
Legal Assistant, Springel & Fink

“Always awesome!”

Always awesome! Best computer guys around.

Lynn Cisneros
Office Administrator, Alderus Funding & Investments

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