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Network Heroes Keeps Your Business Technology Running Smoothly

Las Vegas businesses need a solid network to act as the backbone for applications and data. Network Heroes helps your business design and troubleshoot networks.  

Las Vegas businesses need a solid network to act as the backbone for on-premise and cloud-based applications and data. Network Heroes helps your business with network design and troubleshooting.

Network design is a complex process, so we send an experienced team to troubleshoot any problems you’re having and to propose improvements to your existing system. At Network Heroes, we make sure your computers and devices are connected effectively so that your employees can access data, applications, and other resources quickly.

It’s essential to have a well-designed and properly implemented network to achieve the efficiencies possible under your current or upgraded environment.

How Does Network Heroes Help?

Reputable Las Vegas IT service providers sit down with leaders and users to determine the pain points in your current environment. If you have a specific goal, such as meeting security or compliance requirements, we’ll focus on that. Here’s how it works:

  1. IT experts from Network Heroes conduct a site survey. At the end of the survey, you receive documented requirements of the networking equipment needed to reach your objectives.
  2. If there are specific concerns, we begin to troubleshoot and recommend solutions immediately. Network downtime brings productivity to a grinding halt. Our evaluation includes troubleshooting issues that are slowing your network down.
  3. Once you’re ready to make the updates, we send out IT professionals who specialize in the changes needed.

What Are the Benefits of a High-Functioning Network?

Having a fast, reliable network delivers the following to your small, midsize or large business:

  • Accessibility: Your employees can access, update and share information quickly.
  • Communication: Your network makes it easy for clients and employees to collaborate.
  • Optimization: An optimized network facilitates resource sharing, including printers, for more efficient operations.

Will Improving the Network Decrease Employee Downtime?

No business leader wants to walk the floor and see employees sitting idle or chatting due to an Internet or IT issue. Downtime kills productivity. Working with a managed service provider, such as Network Heroes, gives you 24-hour monitoring of your network.

When there’s a problem, we can find and fix it quickly. A proactive server provider performs regular maintenance and implements improvements to keep your technology running optimally.

How Can Network Heroes Help Me Streamline Operations?

Hiring IT consultants helps streamline your business in several ways, including:

  • Using IT service providers gives your access to high-trained IT professionals
  • MSPs take the burden of network administration off your in-house IT team
  • If you pay a flat fee for services, you can save money on recruiting and additional resources.

A knowledgeable IT consulting firm assists with email and web hosting, server maintenance and data storage as well as numerous other technical tasks. This lets you focus on what’s important — running the company.

How Can You Contact Network Heroes?

No matter how smart or dedicated your internal resources are, it’s difficult for them to keep the networks and systems running optimally and implement improvements at the same time. However, working with an established Las Vegas IT consulting firm gives you the expertise of a larger team.

Network Heroes, for example, has access to resources who are up to date on the latest technology and certifications — which saves your company thousands of dollars on training alone.

If your network isn’t secure, your business can’t achieve its goals and mitigate risks. Learn more about how Network Heroes can help. Schedule a no-commitment network assessment today by contacting us online or calling (702) 357-5405.