Taking The Risk Out Of Your Law Firm’s Technology

Reliable and comprehensive IT support is critical to any business, in any field. But what would be considered comprehensive in one area might fall far short in another? Take yours for example, your technology needs, support needs, and compliance needs are unique to you. Just having IT support, whether internal or outsourced, isn’t enough. You need people with knowledge and experience not just with IT, but with legal IT managing your infrastructure.

The Network Heroes team understands exactly what challenges your firm faces when it comes to network security, accessibility, and support because taking care of the needs of law firms is what we do best. Our firsthand experience gives us an unprecedented ability to resolve technology and security issues that other area IT providers simply can’t touch.

Our goal is not only to be there to help firms when issues arise, but to prevent problems before they happen, and stay one step ahead of security and compliance concerns. A task we accomplish by monitoring your IT environment around the clock and performing ongoing Risk Assessments to find and eliminate vulnerabilities, as well as giving your firm access to our Legal IT Experts and their extensive backgrounds in:

  • Systems Analysis
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Practice Management and Billing Applications
  • Security Solutions
  • Secure Cloud Solutions
  • Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Firewall, and Web-Filtering Solutions
  • User Support and Training

The reason you need IT support, and the reason you look to outside experts to meet that need are one and the same – protecting the privacy of your clients and providing your team with the means to work productively and efficiently are two of your firm’s highest priorities. Improving on one of these factors while compromising the other puts your business further behind instead of further ahead.

Network Heroes makes your priorities our priorities, and will never hesitate to go above and beyond to ensure that your technology needs are taken care of. Your focus should be on your firm, not your technology. Trusting us to do what we do best leaves you free to concentrate on what you do best.

Want to learn more about the legal IT support solutions we provide? Contact us at info@network-heroes.com or 702-252-HERO. We’re the IT professionals firms in Las Vegas trust.

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