Who Does Network Heroes Partner With?


Our heroes use awesome tools!

We have hand-picked the very best IT solution providers in the industry to use in our proactive IT service delivery to your business. You will recognize many of these leading companies! We are proud to partner with them to give your business the IT foundation it needs to spur efficiency, productivity, and growth.


A complete management solution for IT systems that allows IT departments and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to centrally manage and automate all of your IT.


A designer and manufacturer of hardware and software for businesses of all sizes – best known for the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office 365.

Roaring Penguin

A developer of email filtering software products that combat spam and viruses in campuses, ISPs, web hosts, government offices, and businesses of all sizes.


A one-stop shop for cloud business applications that are integrated into one point of control.


A developer and supplier of data backup and recovery appliances and software as well as advanced cloud computing services.


A disaster recovery solution – delivered as a physical or virtual appliance – that provides rapid failover to a second site if needed.


A manufacturer of appliances for data recovery, anti-spam software, VPNs, and firewall protection and management.


A provider of security, networking and storage products based on network appliances and cloud services.

Compliancy Group

A partner program providing support for MSPs focused on HIPAA compliance, healthcare privacy, and data protection.


A world leader in sales, repair, production, and technical services for both hardware and software – onsite and cloud-based.


A designer, producer, and distributor of computers, computer related devices, and accessories such as printers and other imaging design products.

Cisco Umbrella

A cloud-delivered security service for the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) – providing the first layer of defense against threats at branch offices.


A business intelligence tool focused on the IT Service Provider and MSP industry. Using the BrightGuage SaaS platform, Service Providers generate reports and utilize dashboards.

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