The SonicWALL Firewall Protects Law Firms in Las Vegas From Today’s Ever-Increasing Cyber Threats.

In a time when U.S. intelligence officials claim that cybersecurity now trumps terrorism as the No. 1 threat, law offices like yours require the best protection possible. That’s why we’ve chosen the SonicWALL for all our clients with law-based businesses.

Dell SonicWALL has rapidly emerged as a leader in cybersecurity for organizations around the world. And, in our opinion, it’s the best Firewall protection for your law firm.  Why?

In addition to blocking network threats to protect, manage and control application traffic, SonicWALL:

  • Overcomes the deficiencies in conventional firewalls that rely solely on IP addresses, ports, and protocols for classifying and controlling network traffic.
  • Includes an application control, a more comprehensive threat protection, and can account for information like user identities.
  • Has the ability to control what applications are being run on your network, how they are used, and who can use them.
  • Reduces and prevents gaps in your network defenses without the need for other products or software. SonicWALL includes added services such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, content filtering and even anti-spam services to enhance to threat protection.

Network Heroes provides the best cybersecurity protection possible for our clients in Las Vegas, and surrounding areas. For more information about the Dell SonicWALL, contact us at 702-252-HERO or We’ll be happy to perform a complimentary security assessment for your law firm.

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