Getting Your Team Out of Their Home Office and Back to a Shared Workspace

Innovations in cloud-based technology have made virtual workspaces an increasingly popular choice for law firms. Giving attorneys the flexibility to work from anywhere can help boost productivity and efficiency, and ease the strain that comes with long commutes and late nights at the office. In fact, a growing number of firms don’t have a physical office space at all.

With cloud-based technology, it’s entirely possible to have a team of dozens handling cases and clients of all sizes from home offices, coffee shops, or small shared spaces that house just a handful of employees. These firms are every bit as successful and accomplished as traditional firms, and businesses where working remotely is possible but not the norm.

While this added freedom can make balancing home and work life less of a struggle, it creates its set of challenges. The biggest of which is a lack of or deterioration of workplace camaraderie and office culture. It may seem like an odd problem to focus on, but when you consider what a lack of face-to-face contact can mean for your team, this quickly becomes an issue worth considering.

Much of an employee’s investment in their work and their place of employment stems from an investment in the people they work with. Names and faces on a screen don’t inspire the same kind of loyalty and dedication that daily interaction does. That feeling of being part of a cohesive unit and working towards common goals can quickly get lost when your team either consciously or unconsciously feel like cogs in a much larger machine.

Whether your firm has already embraced cloud technology or has been looking into making the transition, it’s important to make sure you’re striking the right balance, and reinforcing the idea that working remotely is an acceptable alternative, with an emphasis on ‘choice.’ The key is to make the most of the technology available to give your team the tools they need to be successful, while going into the office something to look forward to.

The easiest way to accomplish this? Ensuring that you have the support you need to keep your in-house technology running smoothly, and that your on-premise employees have access to the very best IT services possible to eliminate delays and downtime. Creating an environment that promotes collaboration and teamwork, and offers greater benefits to your employees than the virtual option can be just the push your team needs to head back to the office or remain happy behind their desks.

Something as simple as hiring an IT support provider like Network Heroes to handle system maintenance and updates so that your team won’t have to can free up extra time in an employee’s day. And any added responsibility you can remove from their shoulders that don’t relate directly to their work can make their morning commute that much more appealing.

There is no worse feeling than being in the middle of something important only to have your laptop crash or your Internet connection go down, and then be forced to either tackle the problem on your own, or stumble through remote support with a well-meaning technician who has no idea what your personal IT environment looks like. Once it’s been well established, nothing can replace the feeling of knowing that no matter what issues arise, you’ll be taken care of, and be free to go back to your day with minimal interruption.

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