Meet ROSS – The World’s First Practicing AI Attorney

Built atop Watson, IBM’s cognitive computer, ROSS was created to read and understand language, come up with hypotheses when asked a question, carry out research, and – along with citations and references – generate a response to back up its conclusion. Now in the process of being implemented within many firms, ROSS was first put to use by Baker & Hostetler in spring 2016 to handle their bankruptcy practice.

In addition to its research and analytics chops, ROSS was designed to learn from experience, getting faster and smarter the more it interacts with its human counterparts. Pose ROSS a question in plain English like you would a fellow associate, and ROSS will scan through every piece of information available to provide you with relevant information to get you up-to-speed quickly.

ROSS is always connected, monitoring the news around the clock to alert your firm to anything that could have an impact on a current case, and stays up-to-date with new developments within the legal system.

As anyone who has even spent a prolonged period doing the legwork on a case would agree, one of ROSS’ most exciting features is its ability to narrow down search results from thousands to a select few that are the most relevant. Even better, ROSS will pass along its findings in language that is easier to understand than the original dry, technical, or otherwise complex source material.

Baker & Hostetler have been thrilled with ROSS’ performance to date. The advantage of having a cognitive computing tool at their disposal has proved to be very useful, both to their team and to their clients. With ROSS finding this level of success its first time out, it’s likely safe to say that this is just the beginning of AI in the legal field, and beyond.

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