Why Should You
Outsource Your IT Support?


Las Vegas IT Support That Frees You To Focus On Your Business

Are you working harder – and longer – because you have to do or supervise IT work?

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Technology is supposed to make your life easier.

So why does it feel like you are serving your technology instead of your technology supporting you?

If you’re trying to handle IT management on your own, or even with in-house employees you manage, you’re likely overwhelmed and don’t have the time to focus on your business.

It’s not your fault.

Most businesses, even very small ones, simply can’t handle IT without outsourced help.

This is where we come into the picture.

Network Heroes will take the weight of IT management off your shoulders.

We’ll deploy solutions to keep your IT up and running securely and efficiently.

And we’ll do all that for an easily budgeted monthly fee!

Sound good?

It is!

Whether you want to avoid unexpected problems, communicate more effectively, or make a plan for business continuity, we can help.

  • Managed IT Services – 24/7 service for a predictable monthly fee
  • Business Continuity Planning – disaster planning, prevention, and protection
  • IT Consulting – practical, customized solutions and up-to-date expertise
  • Computer & Network Security – expert assessments and implementation combined with ongoing auditing, monitoring, and management
  • Email / Spam Protection – halts spam in its tracks and stores your emails safely
  • Small Business IT Services – expert integration and support
  • On-Demand Services – pay-as-you-go professional IT services
  • Legal Industry Solutions – increase security, compliance and billable hours by ensuring data security, availability, and uptime
  • Healthcare Industry Solutions – improving collaboration and efficiency while keeping your business safe and HIPAA compliant
  • Cloud Solutions – increase accessibility, free up office space, save money, eliminate storage and cooling costs, upgrade your IT on the fly

With help from Network Heroes, you can dedicate your time to your business, not to IT management.

Partner with our heroes to get the most value out of your business technology investment.

Let’s get started! Contact us at (844) 336-4376 or info@network-heroes.com

Let's get started!

Contact us at (844) 336-4376 or info@network-heroes.com

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