Network Heroes is Las Vegas’ SonicWALL Approved Provider, and The Best Choice For Businesses That Need Network Security and Secure Wireless Access. 

SonicWALL Partner in Las VegasDell’s SonicWALL provides the threat prevention, application control, and intrusion prevention your business needs to ensure your network and wireless access is safe from today’s increasing cyber threats.

Your Las Vegas business is under constant threat of attack. As cybercrime becomes more sophisticated, you must ensure the security and reliability of your business’s IT infrastructure. The situation is desperate:

  • Ransomware attacks, that hold your data hostage for a fee, grew by 500 percent in 2013.
  • More zero-day vulnerabilities, where attackers silently infect your network, were discovered in 2013 than any other year in the past.
  • Social Media Scams and Malware are flourishing from increased mobile-device use.

The huge scale of network breaches that dominated the headlines this past year should prompt you to consider what modes of protection you need to adopt, if you haven’t already.SonicWALL is one of the best, and Network Heroes is the best choice for businesses in Las Vegas to install, deploy, and support it. Network Heroes is Las Vegas’ SonicWALL Approved Provider.

If you already use SonicWALL we’ll ensure you get the most from it. If you don’t, here are some reasons why you should consider a SonicWALL Firewall. With SonicWALL from Network Heroes, you’ll benefit from:

  • Increased protection against malware and intrusions.
  • Wireless traffic that is completely secure.
  • Faster connections to your corporate network from your laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Drastically increased speeds to websites.
  • Improved management of your wireless network with traffic quotas and advanced guest services to reduce the hassle for admins, and improve the overall end user experience.

Don’t trust just any IT provider to deploy and support your SonicWALL. Contact Las Vegas’ SonicWALL Approved Provider, Network Heroes, for a complimentary demo, or an assessment of your business’s security needs. Call 702-252-HERO, or email us at: to let us know a good time to stop by.

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