Boost Your Security with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

Data Security

So what are the benefits of MFA?

  • Ease of use | Whereas some MFA solutions are tedious, and require copying and inputting of long codes, this solution offers one-tap authentication.
  • Test Your Security | With this MFA solution, you can easily test your business' and employees' security capabilities by launching simulated phishing attacks. By identifying any weak links in your security, you can then address them to ensure you don't put the business at risk.
  • Bring Your Own Device | In today's modern business world, more and more employees prefer to do at least some of their work through their mobile devices, which can present a serious security risk. However, with this MFA solution, you can enroll new employee devices in minutes, given that there's no need to install an endpoint agent.
  • Convenient Flexibility | Our MFA solution doesn't force you to apply the same security policies to every user in your company. Instead, you are given the capability to specify policies person by person or group by group.