Network & Medical Data Security Services For Las Vegas Medical Clinics

To Comply With HIPAA, Your Medical Clinic Needs Medical Data Security From Network Heroes.

Protecting your patients’ protected health information (PHI) is high on your priority list.

That’s one of the BIG reasons you’ve come to our site!

The ever-growing threats from cyber crime and ransomware make the chances of experiencing a data breach greater than ever before.

We know…it’s not good news…

Here’s the good news.

Network Heroes specializes in providing reliable IT Security Solutions for medical clinics and healthcare organizations in and around Las Vegas.

What does that mean for your healthcare practice?

It means that we’re able to give you seamless, synchronized, and secure access to your PHI from any internet enabled device at any location.

But more than that…

We can get you away from dealing with compliance IT issues and back to spending time helping patients.

You do your thing…and let us take care of data security!

We will encrypt and store your data in a manner that meets or exceeds compliance standards.


Your data will be recoverable in the event of any loss – caused by human error, natural disaster, or criminal activity.

Utilizing reliable onsite and offsite backup systems, Network Heroes will ensure the safe storage of your PHI.

Do you have a partnership with an experienced IT provider who’s knowledgeable in HIPAA and who is also HIPAA Compliant?

It’s time to get the data storage and security experts on your side.

That’s us! – Network Heroes!

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