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Are You Putting Your Las Vegas
Law Office At Risk By Not Ensuring
Your Staff Has Secure Access To
Information On Your Office Networks?

Do you take the confidentiality of your client records seriously? An information leak could be disastrous to your Las Vegas law firm! If your current IT company hasn’t informed you about Heartbleed and other crucial security issues, please give us a call at 702-252-HERO (4376) or send us an email at

Heartbleed Will Strike at the Heart of Your Law Office’s IT Systems – Putting Your Client Confidentiality at Risk.

If you’re not aware, Heartbleed is a serious vulnerability that allows a hacker or cybercriminal to gain access to your law office network, bypassing once secure encryption mechanisms and potentially stealing confidential client data. What would happen to your law office if you became a victim of a cyber attack caused by an unpatched server on your network?

Over 50% of Law Offices are Still at Risk from a Serious Attack That Can be Prevented by Having the IT Security Experts at Network Heroes Review Their Networks.

Law offices across Las Vegas access email, case management systems, and documents using SSL encrypted services, such as your Exchange Server, office portals, and even secure VPN services.

Don’t put your law firm at risk – book your complimentary security review with Network Heroes; we’re the leading IT organization for supporting law offices in Las Vegas. Many of your peers have turned to our experts to provide the IT services their law offices need to keep everything up and running securely at all times.