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Which Legal Practice Management Solution Is Right For Your Law Firm In Las Vegas?

Any law firm that wants to compete in today’s technology-driven environment needs up-to-date practice management software. It integrates your firm’s departments and different work processes into a single system. To help, we’re highlighting three popular legal practice management solutions: PCLaw, ProLaw and LexisNexis Advance. They each have their own strong points. So, you should take the time to learn about them and if they will align with your need.

What Is PCLaw?

PCLaw practice management software will help you automate and streamline your law firm’s administrative tasks. It’s cloud-based, legal management software geared to legal billing and accounting. It suits small start-up practices as well as mid-sized firms.

PCLaw partnered with Uptime Legal™, a legal-specific cloud service provider that has successfully moved hundreds of law firms to the Cloud. It’s recognized by the ABA and hosts PCLaw on dedicated cloud servers. They provide unlimited support and run constant antivirus and security monitoring so you can be assured that your data is always safeguarded.

PCLaw isn’t new. It’s been around a long time as an on-premise solution. Now that it’s cloud-based, you can easily and securely access your files from anywhere you have an internet connection. It remains on the shortlist of legal practice management applications that help firms handle case management, time tracking, billing and full-fledged accounting.

If you need a robust billing, accounting and reporting platform, and don’t have a need for more comprehensive case management features (such as document/form assembly and rules-based calendaring) PCLaw will work for your firm now and as it grows.

What Is ProLaw?

ProLaw by Elite, a Thomson Reuters Company, is a legal practice management, document management, and accounting solution all in one. It’s designed for midsized and larger firms for those with more than six users.

With ProLaw, you can streamline your workflows and increase your efficiency. And because it’s cloud-based, you and your staff can securely access it anywhere at any time with any computer device.

ProLaw is fully integrated into a complete package. It’s the only mainstream legal practice management application that incorporates a true DMS (Document Management Solution) with versioning, check-in/check-out features, and more.

ProLaw In The Cloud provides the accessibility you require. You won’t need on-premise servers to run ProLaw. And when you and your staff are outside the office, you can still securely access your documents and billing software. Plus, you can work on them in real time.

If you like Microsoft Office, you’ll like ProLaw. Much of its interface looks and works like Office. This makes it familiar and easy for you and your staff to use. Documents are all contained in one database. You usually have to link Word and PDF files to a matter. With ProLaw they are stored right in the database so everything is kept together. This means you don’t have to maintain a separate file system. This makes it easier for you to find the files you need.

What Is Lexis Advance?

With the growing competition among law firms, how can you get a step ahead of the others? And, how can you compete against the huge legal enterprises in the Las Vegas area that have virtually unlimited budgets? The answer? – By saving time and effort using Lexis Advance®.

LexisNexis is one of the largest online legal research providers. Their solution, Lexis Advance, is one of the most effective and easy-to-use research tools in the industry. It’s proven to reduce the time it takes to do your research. And, you can couple Lexis Advance with other Lexis products for comprehensive legal databases and insight.

You’ll accomplish your research faster. With its simplified search capabilities, you can limit your search by source, topic, category, jurisdiction, or practice area to find exactly what you need. Reduce search time and avoid sifting through results with intuitive pre-search and post-search filters that help you precisely target relevant documents

You can cast a wider search net and still get to the most on-point results quickly. And there are additional time-saving features, such as comprehensive search, work folders and the ability to pinpoint pages.

Lexis Advance’s greatest asset it that it’s simple to use. You’ll quickly get the relevant and useful results you need to benefit your practice and your clients. It anticipates your path to results. For example, you can easily identify the legal issues relevant to your matter using patented legal research innovations like Research Map and Legal Issue Trail.

Lexis Advance gives you access to more than 60,000 legal, news and public records sources, including premium sources that you can’t find anywhere else. Be totally confident in your work, and start setting precedents, not just citing them. From workflow apps, case-building and deal-making–to exclusive analytics, using LexisNexis’ integrated solutions means that you’ll have everything you need all in one place.

Legal Practice Management Solutions For Las Vegas Law Firms

For more information about using PCLaw, ProLaw, LexisNexis Advance or other types of legal practice management software, contact Network Heroes.

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