Meet Jon Matero – President and CEO of Network Heroes

Every day we ask Jon, our “fearless leader,” questions about IT management, cybersecurity, customer service and more.  But today we put him on the spot and asked him some personal questions for a change.  Read on – It’s a great way to get to know Jon!

Every day we ask Jon, our “fearless leader,” questions about IT management, cybersecurity, customer service and more.  But today we put him on the spot and asked him some personal questions for a change.  Read on – It’s a great way to get to know Jon!Las Vegas IT Services

So, Jon. How long has it been since you started Network Heroes?

“I founded the company in 2010 as a Managed Service Provider, with the vision of providing our client’s flat-fee technical support. Back then, most IT providers only offered break-fix services. This is where you wait for your computer system to break, and you pay for the time it takes to fix the problem. But this didn’t work for most businesses. They required more of an IT Partner who could prevent problems before they cause downtime. With Managed Services, we ensure our customers’ systems work and keep on working no matter how long it takes us. And we provide Service Level Agreements that back the guarantees we make.  As a result, Network Heroes took off like a SpaceX Rocket because our clients receive what they need and more.

What is your favorite part of working at Network Heroes?

“I love to help our clients with their IT challenges and to solve their problems with the use of reliable and secure technologies.  I also enjoy providing an enjoyable working environment for my colleagues, to help them and watch them grow.”

If you could have a conversation with any historical figure, past or present, who would it be with and why?

“This is a tough question that I think about often.  I usually conclude that the person who intrigues me the most is Leonardo da Vinci.  He seems to have no equal in terms of his wisdom and his vast array of extraordinary abilities.  To gain insight and learn how he ticked would be a real treat in my mind.”

What is your favorite book?

“I don’t read like I used to, nor the same type of books.  Now they are more motivational, business, or self-help in style.  But in my youth, I read a lot of science fiction, and my favorite author was Piers Anthony.  So, On a Pale Horse comes to mind. I named my son Zane after the main character, so, I guess this would be my favorite book!”

What would you do if you won the lottery?

“It depends on how much the jackpot was!  Regardless, I would definitely take a vacation with my family and see different parts of the world.”

What is your favorite pastime?

“I love to play my guitars.  I have several and enjoy a wide range of musical styles from classical, blues, rock, classic rock, metal, etc.  I just love good music and love to play.  There’s a saying when it comes to songs–If you like it, learn it.”

If you could choose anywhere in the world, where would you travel?

“There are so many places I want to see.  But the top two would be the Great Pyramids of Egypt and Machu Picchu because they are both so awe-inspiring.  Oh, one more – Hawaii!”

What is your favorite food?

“Easy one – pizza.”

What piece of technology makes your life easier?

“Another easy one–The Internet.  How did we live without it?”

If you had one weekend to do absolutely anything, what would you do?

“On a realistic level, I would defer to my family and do whatever would make them happy because that would make me happy.”

If life were a fantasy who would you be, and what would you be doing? 

“If this was a fantasy, then, wow! – I’d either be Superman (I am a Network Hero after all.). Or, I’d be witnessing the moments leading up to and experiencing the Big Bang. Or, maybe I’d be observing the dinosaurs roaming the Earth (from a safe place, of course). Or…  I could go on for a while with this one!”

Do you have any Words of Wisdom for us?

“I have two:  Think before you speak and be careful what you wish for!”

If you’d like to learn more about Jon or chat with him about anything regarding IT, you can always visit him on LinkedIn. Here’s what he shares about his experience over the years:

“I have been working directly with small businesses, law firms, and medical offices for over 15 years, helping them achieve their goals utilizing the best that technology has to offer. My commitment to their success has established Network Heroes as a leader in the delivery of IT services.

Having vast experience with a variety of different systems, networks, software, and people, we have become recognized as a competent and trusted advisor to some very respected organizations in the Las Vegas valley. I believe in providing customer service beyond what is expected and ensure that my staff is always on the same page as I am because–We want to become your ‘Network Heroes!’

Currently, as President and CEO, it is my goal to have Network Heroes be synonymous with IT support services in Las Vegas, and work with any company that is looking to leverage technology as a business asset. We offer flat-rate services that are designed around your specific needs to ensure that your company is securely protected and your people and systems are working at peak performance for the greatest level of efficiency and profitability.

Since I have been working in the customer service realm for over 30 years, I know how important it is to make each and every client comfortable with their experience with us. I invite you to visit our website at and review our testimonials page for some positive comments about how we operate. I’m also happy to provide a list of current referrals so that you can feel comfortable working with us at Network Heroes.”

Feel free to give Jon a call at (702) 252-HERO (4376). He’d love to bend your ear about Network Heroes, and how we’re helping businesses in Las Vegas realize their dreams with efficient and secure technology!  

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