Jon Matero Speaks with Fox 5 about Recent 911 Outage

Last month, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department dealt with a nearly 7-hour outage of their 911 and 311 phone systems. The issues caused by the outage are are obvious: citizens calling in to report emergencies, including a resident whose house caught fire and claimed the life of his pet dog, were unable to get through and call for help.

A month later, the department has still yet to discover what exactly caused the issue. They believe, however, that their airbus IP system suffered what’s called a broadcast storm.

Network Heroes President and CEO Jon Matero spoke with Fox 5 about what went wrong – and if it could have been prevented.

“A broadcast storm would be a lot of data purging out into the network that would cause such a bottleneck that it would disable the network from functioning,” he explained.

Now, the Metropolitan Police Department says they’re tasking extra precautions including more comprehensive monitoring of the 911 systems.

The video below features a more in-depth conversation with Jon and Fox 5, including other possible explanations for the outage.

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