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Is Your Business Secure From Cybercrime Threats? Out Of Date Network Security Solutions Could Be Putting You At Risk

There’s no disputing the need for next-generation cybersecurity solutions, regardless of the size or specialty of your business. But it can be difficult to choose one option over another, given how many options there are and how greatly they can differ from one another.

SonicWall is the best-in-class, proven cybersecurity solution provider for small, mid-size and enterprise businesses. They have a reliable track record and their devices protect businesses around the world from cyber attacks every day.

SonicWall TZ Series

Businesses with between 10 and 100 users have higher uptime and security needs – for them, the TZ firewall series makes sense. These firewalls offer enhanced network protection as well as a secure SD-WAN platform.
Using a cloud-based controller, SD-WAN creates an overlay network in order to build encrypted tunnels, define applications, determine where sites are, and more. This portal/controller is the critical lynchpin, as it’s where you manage and operate the WAN from. Features include:

  • Increased bandwidth
  • Reduced cost for circuits
  • Simple WAN management
  • Improved user experience on applications
  • Flexible security, whether that’s every single branch or just in specific “chokepoint” locations

Advanced Gateway Security Suite

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive defense, then SonicWall’s Advanced Gateway Security Suite is right for you. This all-in-one security solution combined a range of powerful defensive technologies to keep your network safe:

  • SonicWall Firewalls
  • Capture Advanced Threat Protection
  • ICSA-Certified Gateway Anti-Virus And Anti-Spyware
  • Cutting-edge IPS Technology
  • Content Filtering

Combined, this range cybersecurity of tools protects your network against viruses, intrusions, botnets, spyware, trojans, worms and other malicious attacks.

Why Network Heroes Uses & Recommends SonicWall Cybersecurity Solutions

The SonicWall team has developed a range of industry-leading cybersecurity solutions. With this hardware and corresponding SonicWall security software, Network Heroes can meet the unique requirements of any client and any network configuration.

The best part is that you don’t have to handle the management of your SonicWall solutions on your own. Whether you’re unfamiliar with the nitty-gritty details of SonicWall technology, or would just rather focus your staff’s efforts on other support tasks, you can trust Network Heroes to handle it for you.

We’ve partnered with SonicWall because we trust and understand their solutions. As your cybersecurity team, we will handle all aspects for you, from installation to ongoing support and strategic guidance for future upgrades and developments.