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Need A New Technology Provider for Your Dental Office?

Your best defense against a data breach is having a secure infrastructure that you and your patients can trust. See the difference when you work with true IT professionals.  

Keeping your dental office running on a day-to-day basis takes much more than simply showing up and turning on the lights. You need to know that your communications and technology infrastructure is working at all times, raising the confidence of the community and improving the patient experience. Finding the right IT managed services support for your dental offices can be a challenge, especially if you’re currently doing all of the work internally or have a partner that is not well-versed on the needs of modern businesses. When you are looking for a new technology solutions provider, here are a few of the requirements you should keep in mind.

Large Enough to Provide Support, Small Enough to Care

Working with an enterprise organization to provide your IT services may sound like a good idea, but are you going to get the quality of service that your dental office deserves? When you work with a mid-size IT services provider, you’re gaining access to the exceptional tools and technology that you need while still maintaining a personal connection with the individuals providing your service. You need to know that there’s someone you can trust on the other end of the phone or chat that is ready to jump in and keep your business going in the event of a problem. Working with an extremely small or start-up tech partner may mean that you aren’t able to access the full range of expertise that you need to efficiently and securely run your business.

Solid Understanding of Dental Compliance Requirements is a Must

When you’re interviewing IT managed services providers, you need to know that they have experience working directly with dental offices or other medical facilities. Otherwise, they will be learning more about governmental compliance and security issues instead of helping teach you the information that you need. Be sure to ask any potential partner for specifics about how they’ve worked in your industry and any immediate challenges of which you should be aware. Laws are changing on a regular basis that can affect how personal, financial and health data must be stored and your business must remain compliant or face significant fines.

Finding Trusted Support for Microsoft Office, Your Software and Hardware

Are you tired of working with a range of different vendors to maintain your dental software, data storage, Microsoft Office suite and hardware? It’s difficult to keep track of who to contact when you need them, and there are few guarantees that you will receive the quick support that you need. When you partner with a single IT services organization to support all of your technology needs, you are much more likely to have access to the right person at the right time with a single click or phone call. Plus, service level agreements contain details about how long you can expect to wait for service, so you’re never left waiting to see if your request will be prioritized or if it gets trumped by someone else as might happen with internal IT teams.

Worry-Free Technical Support for Your Dental Offices

Whether you have one office or many, your technology and communications infrastructure help ensure that your business runs efficiently so you are able to focus on your business goals. That means more time for marketing or community outreach and less time spent on upgrading or patching servers. More time reviewing website updates and creating new patient onboarding and less time worrying about whether you have enough software licenses for your business. When you have a proactive IT services partner, you are able to put those concerns behind you and look towards the future.

Protecting your dental patients means more than simply assuring that you’re providing high-quality dental care every day. It also means that you’re willing to invest in the infrastructure that you need to run your business smoothly and efficiently. At Network Heroes, we specialize in working with dental and healthcare organizations and are familiar with the complex compliance and data security issues that plague your business. See why we have been Las Vegas’s favorite option for dental practices by calling 702-342-8483 today to schedule your free initial consultation or fill out our quick online form.