Is Your Law Firm Using A College Student For Your IT Support?

When your IT support is keeping you from using the best and most effective technology, you’ve got a big problem on your hands.

College Student Computers

IT is there to help your law firm thrive, making tasks easier to manage, data more secure, and your overall output more effective.

Does your law firm have a college student covering your IT support? Don’t shortchange yourself – getting mediocre service puts your entire firm at risk.

Don’t Settle for Less

We know it may seem tempting to shell out less cash upfront; remember that you’re going to get back exactly what you put out, which isn’t much. Don’t let your IT suffer just because you’re trying to save some quick cash. With proper support, you get a better return on your IT investment and real services and solutions to ensure you always function at your best.

Solutions for Your Firm

  • We set you up so that your mobile devices are protected and give you the freedom to work on-the-go. Create, edit and share documents with clients or co-workers with any device and from any location.
  • You have the ability to securely access data and documents from outside the office while benefiting from the security, functionality and management policies of public networks. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) will make work in your firm easier and more secure.
  • File-sharing, hosted services, VoIP business phones and other cloud-based solutions make work more effective and easier to manage. Plus, they provide security so your sensitive data is always protected.
  • We know you need assurance that your system is always secure. Data recovery and business continuity plans maintain that your information is always available when you need it and that a hardware issue or system breach won’t compromise your cases or lead to downtime.

Dealing with computer issues is a huge burden; it diminishes productivity and wastes money. If you’re getting inferior service from an unexperienced kid, you’ll end up back where you started in no time. We’re not just thinking of right now; our goal is to get your firm running at its absolute fullest potential.

Don’t settle for outdated solutions and technology. To get your law office set up with the best and most effective IT solutions in Las Vegas contact Network Heroes at or by phone at 702-252-HERO.

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