Healthcare IT Support Is Essential In Today’s Regulatory Environment.

We Provide Expert Medical IT Services & Risk Analysis To Help You Comply.

As a healthcare provider, your primary responsibility is to provide quality, confidential care to your patients. But in today’s technology-driven world, and with ever-increasing regulatory mandates, you need an efficient, reliable and secure IT system to do this. Network Heroes can help. We understand the complexities of Healthcare IT and the importance of complying with HIPAA/HITECH regulations.

To run your practice or organization, you and your staff must be able to securely store and retrieve patients’ ePHI.  Network Heroes ensures you can do this and still ensure compliance with HIPAA/HITECH.  Our cloud computing solutions are more secure and stable than ever, with encryption capabilities and security settings that ensure ePHI remains confidential at all times.

Healthcare IT Support & Consulting

HIPAA requires risk analyses to be conducted and specifies that the risk analysis process is ongoing.  Healthcare organizations receiving EHR incentive payments without conducting a risk assessment will be held liable under the False Claims Act and must forfeit their payments. The OIG (Office of Inspector General) has made this a top priority, as is proceeding with investigations.

Failing To Conduct a Risk Analysis Can Result In:

  • An increased risk of data breaches.
  • OCR (The Office for Civil Rights) enforcement and monetary penalties.
  • CMS (Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services) enforcement to recoup EHR incentive payments.
  • OIG enforcement under the False Claims Act, including liability of three times the EHR incentive payment and exclusion from all federally funded healthcare programs.

Network Heroes Can Conduct Risk Analyses to Ensure Your Compliance.

Our risk analysis identifies ePHI-containing systems, assesses vulnerabilities, and prioritizes the risk on those systems. We also help you develop solutions to safeguard your IT and ePHI.

Don’t gamble with your ability to comply with these regulations or the survival of your healthcare business.  For more information about a HIPAA Risk Analysis or our Healthcare IT Services, call Network Heroes at 702-252-HERO or email us at: info@network-heroes.com

Network Heroes provides healthcare IT services, HIT consulting and medical IT support in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson and across Nevada.