Network & Medical Data Security Services For Medical Clinics

To Comply With HIPAA Your Medical Clinic Needs Medical Data Security From Network Heroes.  

As a medical provider, you know that you must protect your patients’ protected health information (ePHI). With the widespread use of electronic medical records and the ever-growing threats from cybercrime and ransomware, the chance of experiencing a data breach is greater than ever before.  To prevent this you need a reliable IT provider who can ensure your clinic’s IT Security and that your ePHI is protected 24/7. Network Heroes specializes in providing reliable IT Security Solutions for medical clinics and healthcare organizations in and around Las Vegas.

Healthcare & Medical Data Security

According to HIPAA your medical clinic must securely backup “retrievable exact copies of electronic protected health information.”

HIPAA regulations require that protected health information (ePHI) be encrypted and stored in specific ways, and if you don’t comply, HIPAA infractions can be costly and can ruin your reputation.  What would happen if you lost every file on your computers and servers? Would you be able to recover your data?

Your data must be recoverable in the event of any loss whether it’s caused by a natural or manmade disaster.

Such as:

  • Power or hardware failures,
  • Natural disasters,
  • Cybercrime, or
  • Even human error!

Network Heroes Will Ensure Your Confidential Data Is Both Securely Stored and Recoverable.

To avoid data loss you need both a reliable onsite and offsite backup system from Network Heroes to ensure safe storage of ePHI.

  • Our onsite backup solutions store data on a regular basis, on local storage devices such as CDs, DVDs and hard drives.
  • Our offsite backup solutions store data in an offsite location, away from your location to ensure data can be retrieved if a physical disaster occurs in your area.

It’s essential that your IT Security, Data Backup and Recovery Solution be handled by an experienced IT provider who’s knowledgeable in HIPAA and who is also HIPAA Compliant.

Network Heroes Is Your HIPAA-Compliant IT Provider In Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin.

To learn more about IT Security, and Data Backup & Recovery Solutions for your medical clinic, call Network Heroes at 702-252-HERO or send us an email at: info@network-heroes.com.