Does Your Business Use a Consumer Grade Firewall? If So, You’re Putting Your Data, Network, and Business at Risk!

Firewall Protection Las Vegas BusinessesAs cybercrime continues to evolve, firewalls are becoming as common in businesses as modems and mice. In fact, security is quite possibly one of the most important concerns for almost any business. And as firewalls become more prevalent, many business owners are wondering: do I need a business grade firewall or a consumer grade firewall? Fortunately, our team of Las Vegas IT consulting experts is here to help you out!

What’s the Difference Between a Business Grade Firewall and a Consumer Grade Firewall?

While it’s fundamental to implement a firewall to protect your internal data and customer information, it’s also important to choose the right firewall for your unique needs. So what’s the difference between a business grade firewall and a consumer grade firewall? Well, here’s a few differentiating factors:

  • Security: Consumer grade firewalls typically lack intelligent scanning of incoming data, which means they’re searching for specific threats, as opposed to all threats; however, business grade firewalls scan everything as it comes through.
  • Reporting: Business grade firewalls tend to offer a deeper level of insight and reporting compared to a consumer grade firewall. For example, most business grade firewalls offer monitoring and detailed reports whereas most consumer grade firewalls don’t.
  • Support: Naturally, business grade firewalls and security solutions offer business grade service and support, whereas consumer grade firewalls typically offer an inadequate level of support for businesses.

Ultimately, security must be taken seriously – and a consumer grade firewall simply doesn’t offer the level of protection needed to safeguard your internal data and customer information. And what happens if your internal data or customer information is hacked? Well, you’re in for a world of financial, reputational, and legal troubles.

Don’t Take Risks – a Business Grade Firewall is Critical to Protect Your Network, Data & Business!

When it comes to the security of your network, data, and business, there’s no room to take risks. But fortunately, we offer business-grade firewalls to help you rest assured knowing you’re able to:

  • Protect against hackers, malware, cybercrime, and various other types of external threats.
  • Block users from unwanted websites and receive reports on inappropriate activity.

Plus, a proper business grade firewall can make the difference between weeks of productivity and profitability or weeks of trying to get back on track after a severe malware infection.

Looking to upgrade to a business grade firewall? Give us a call at 702-252-HERO or send us an email at Network Heroes offers business-grade firewalls to help you safeguard your network, data, and business.   Network Heroes offers SonicWALL support & services to businesses in Las Vegas.

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