Have you ever been caught in the middle of a finger pointing game?

Of the excellent reasons to deploy modern technology in your legal firm, productivity gains is likely the most common.

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Billing softwarae manages your finances, while case management software looks after your calendar and contact information. Both are intended to save hours of data entry.

When selecting the software packages appropriate for you however, you’ll likely want advice. (Even though nobody ever said, “The legal software buyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Well, not until now.)

You don’t want buggy software, or applications so poorly designed your staff refuses to use them. That’s the opposite of increased productivity.

In addition to financial and case management software, the Network Heroes Legal IT Experts know how to configure, maintain, and provide user support for numerous specialty applications intended only for law firms.

And while obtaining expert legal IT advice is sufficient motive for partnering with an IT provider who knows the ins and outs of your technology, it’s not the most important reason. That is…

Your law office will have IT support that knows your systems… technicians who’ll work efficiently when troubleshooting a software bug… and you won’t be standing in the middle of a finger pointing blame game that so many other IT companies like to play.

Unless you’ve never used a computer, you’ve heard and seen that game played before…

  • “It’s your hardware.”
  • “No, it’s your software.”
  • “Did you try rebooting?”
  • “This makes no sense. It should be working fine.”
  • “I had no problem. What did you do to wreck it?”
  • “What about removing and uninstalling the software you’re having trouble with?”

And the last desperate hypothesis of a clueless IT person…

“Are you sure your users didn’t screw this up just to avoid working?”

Known for its in-depth knowledge of legal practice technology, Network Heroes provides Legal Technology Expertise and Security to law offices in Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin.

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