The Odds Are That It Is

The number of confirmed data breaches last year escalated to a whopping 12,449. This is a 424% increase over the year before. And the United States leads the world in the most exposed identity records. What does this mean for your business?

How Can We Tell if Our Business Data Is Being Sold On The Dark Web?

Our clients in Las Vegas ask us this question all the time. They’ve read the latest statistics, and they’re concerned. They want to know what they need to do to protect their business data from being posted and sold on the Dark Web. We share some Q & A’s here to help you understand why you need to be concerned.

What Are The Odds That Our Data Is On The Dark Web?

The odds are against you. Why?… Because 2018 was the year of Internet-connected data storage devices being hacked. According to the research organization 4iQ:

  • There’s been a 71% increase with 14.9 Billion Identity records circulating in underground communities in 2018.
  • Cybercriminals shifted their focus, targeting more small businesses, resulting in a 424% increase in authentic and new breaches from 2017.
  • Massive password combo lists continue to grow to support account takeover campaigns.
  • “Government Agencies” was the largest growing exposed industry in 2018, increasing 291% from 2017.
  • The United States and China together accounted for 47% of all compromised identity records.
  • Accidental exposures from open devices account for three of the year’s largest breaches.

What Does This Mean For Our Business In Las Vegas?

It means that unless you implement a bundled cybersecurity solution with 24/7 theft prevention, detection and remediation, criminals have a better chance to steal your confidential information and sell it on the Dark Web.

You can’t just hope that this won’t happen… you must take steps to prevent it.

What Steps Should We Take To Keep Our Data Off The Dark Web?

  • Cybersecurity Training & Phishing Training: All it takes is one employee to cause a data breach. Simulated phishing, security awareness training, and weekly micro-training keep security top-of-mind for your staff. Training combines proven security metrics with quantitative analysis and friendly competition. You can watch as you strengthen your weakest employees into your strongest defenses.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Verify the identity of your users with two-factor authentication and detect the health of their devices before granting access to connect to your apps via secure single sign-on (SSO). This protects your organization against access threats. Ask your IT provider about Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), security keys and tokens, one-time passcodes (OTP), and SMS and phone callbacks that will provide flexible options for all your users.
  • Network Security Monitoring & Assessments: Security Monitoring and Assessments are the fastest way to expose threats and vulnerabilities in your systems. They help to protect your IT assets, guard against downtime and help you sleep better at night. They continuously monitor your IT network to look for predefined conditions and fix them before they cause problems. And you’ll receive a Client Summary Report with a baseline set of IT security findings, and ongoing reports along with Quarterly Business Reviews.
  • Dark Web Scans & Monitoring: Continuous monitoring provides consistent protection. You need proactive monitoring of the Dark Web to find out if your accounts have been compromised. Dark Web Scanning identifies accounts already at risk and exposes compromised credentials so you can take immediate action to protect your organization. It provides detailed information and helps you make informed decisions about what steps you should take to secure your business data. Dark Web Scans & Monitoring will reveal illegal activities that may be taking place on the Dark Web by looking for your:
  • Credit Card data
  • Stolen PayPal credentials
  • Banking information
  • Leaked data from employees (intentional or not)
  • Confidential Data from unsecured file transfers
  • Compromised accounts
  • Customer data
  • Financial information
  • Trademark and Copyright Infringements
  • IP Addresses and associated people/company/relationship information

How Will We Benefit From Dark Web Scanning & Monitoring?

Dark Web Scanning & Monitoring continuously scans, detects and catalogs compromised or stolen employee or company data. This will minimize and mitigate the risks of your valuable IT assets being exposed via credential theft.

  • It scans the Dark Web 24/7 to make sure your business data is safe.
  • It’s a sophisticated monitoring solution that helps your benefit from increased awareness, security, and protection.
  • It detects cyber threats that expose stolen business accounts, email addresses, patient information, and other confidential data on the Dark Web.
  • Dark web monitoring employs both human and artificial intelligence to scan for malicious dark web activities in chat rooms, blogs, forums, private networks, and on other sites.
  • It observes and collects the vital intelligence needed to determine if your data exists on the Dark Web so you can proactively defend you and your organization.
  • It also does this in real time and detects any of your compromised credentials or information before criminals can use it for profit or other crimes.

What Should We Do If Our Data Shows Up On The Dark Web?

Data breaches require a strong and immediate response from your business. Your IT provider can make recommendations about the best way to lessen the damage that has already occurred. This could include changing your account numbers, email addresses, passwords and anything related to the stolen data.

The odds may be against you, but if you take these steps, you can keep your data off the Dark Web.