Network Heroes is more than just another company offering computer network repair Las Vegas businesses need when something breaks.

You Talk—We Listen!

Network Heroes is an industry leading, full-service, IT Provider and Consultant offering your business in Las Vegas, Henderson or Summerlin, Fully Outsourced, Managed IT Service.

Why is Network Heroes the right choice for your Las Vegas business’ computer network repair?

Simple!  When you call one of those companies offering computer network repair in Las Vegas, you’ll be very fortunate if you get an engineer with any business experience.  Sure, they might be able to fix computers, but that’s all they do.  They don’t want to know about your overall business goals and how technology can help you achieve them.  They just fix what’s broken, and leave you to figure out the rest. Network Heroes doesn’t do this. 

We sit down with you, learn about the challenges facing your business, and offer you practical advice and cost-effective solutions based on best practices, and our many years of experience.

With Network Heroes you’ll have:

  • A company that’s committed to making sure the job is done right the first time,
  • Your own IT Business Advisor, and
  • Technology that helps you reach your business goals.

Plus, we provide everything you need for a fixed monthly fee.  No matter if you call us five or fifty times —You’ll always pay the same amount for our Professional IT Services, and computer network repair Las Vegas businesses rave about.  In addition, we constantly watch over your network to make sure a small issue doesn’t turn into a big problem — A problem that could halt your business dead in it’s tracks!

Ask yourself these four important questions.

  1. Tired of surprise invoices from your computer network repair company?
  2. Wondering why what seems so simple to fix, ends up costing hundreds of dollars, time and time again?  
  3. Are you getting the most from your IT investments?
  4. Does your technology support your business goals?

Network Heroes will listen, and give you the answers you want to hear.  With IT Managed Services from Network Heroes, you can kiss those surprise invoices good-bye, stop watching the clock and waiting for another Las Vegas computer network repair technician to start and finish a job, and know that your technology supports your business goals.

Bid those computer repair guys good-bye once and for all —

And say hello to Network Heroes. 

Call our Hero Line to arrange for a no cost, no-obligation assessment, to get a clear picture of what’s really happening on your computer network.

Call 702-252-HERO or drop the heroes at Network Heroes an email at  We’re here to help you break free from those computer network repair companies who love to take your money and leave the rest to you.

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