Do You Have the Right IT Advice
to Help Your Las Vegas Business?


Your IT Consultants In Las Vegas, Summerlin, And Henderson

Are you sure you have the right advice?

You know…

The right information to make the BIG decisions?

Network Heroes provides Virtual CIO support.

What does that mean?

Our Virtual Chief Information Officer will provide the expertise your business needs to succeed and stay ahead of the competition.

Whether you have an in-house IT staff, or you go it alone, Network Heroes will advise, implement and support your business with professionally designed IT strategies and solutions.

Do you require high-level, day-to-day IT advice or occasional consulting?

We’re here to give your business the boost of professional IT strategies!

Our Consulting Services Include:

  • Strategic IT Planning – showing how IT impacts the BIG decisions like product expansion or relocation
  • IT Security Consulting – ensuring proper security controls are in place and integrated into your
  • Procurement of Hardware and Software – save money and avoid outdated tech problems
  • Cloud Strategies Consultation – maximize productivity and save money by leveraging the power of the cloud
  • Business Continuity Planning – ensure that your business can survive unexpected IT downtime
  • IT Budget Development – maintaining a consistent IT expenditure while allowing for growth
  • Communications Planning – advising you on the best communications solutions for your business

Don’t go it alone.

Technology is more complex than ever.

And your business could rise or fall on one technology-related decision.

You need the advice of Network Heroes to ensure that your IT dollars are being spent wisely, and you can beat out the competition.

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