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The Benefits of Outsourced IT Support and What to Look For in an IT Provider

As a business owner, the decision between outsourcing vs. in-house IT support can be difficult and time consuming. Ultimately, you want to choose the most effective way to support your IT systems and end-users. But how do you know which option is the most effective for your business? Let’s start by defining the word “outsourcing,” […]

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What Happens to the GPS Location Information Collected on Your Smartphone?

Did you know smartphones collect GPS location information? Even more surprising, newer smartphone models with the latest-generation cameras will broadcast GPS location information to your digital photos online. There’s many factors to consider when it comes to GPS data privacy while using your smartphone. Here are 4 important facts about GPS data privacy to help […]

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Your Business Needs A Tailored Business Continuity Plan To Comply With Regulatory Requirements.

What would happen to your business if a natural disaster ruined your equipment or your employees couldn’t get to the office? Most businesses would experience a significant loss in revenue and customer confidence It’s critical to have a business continuity plan in place before a disaster so you can quickly recover. Disasters occur more often […]

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