Five Questions to Ask When Interviewing Business Computer Services Companies

Choosing a business computer services company capable of handling your businesses IT is an extremely important choice to make.

You want to make sure the people handling your information technology are competent, proficient, and dedicated to giving you the best possible support. Here are five questions to ask BEFORE making a decision to hire a business computer services company:


  • Do You Have Any Certifications or Technical Specialties?

Make sure you’ve determined what certifications or technical specialties, if any, the business computer services company has. This allows you to understand their strengths and how they relate to your unique needs.

  • Have You Worked With Businesses in My Industry Before?

If they’ve worked with businesses in your industry before, you can feel confident knowing they’ll understand your security and/or compliance requirements – and make sure you’re able to meet those requirements.

  • Will You Schedule Regular Meetings With Me?

When a business computer services company schedules regular meetings to review your IT strategy, you’re able to rest assured knowing they truly care about your business; and whether or not your technology is having a positive impact on the way you operate.

  • How Do You Plan to Keep My IT Systems & Data Safe?

Always discuss IT security and data protection first and foremost. Make sure they provide network security services, such as anti-virus software, patch management, firewalls, and web content filtering, as well as data backup and disaster recover services.

  • Will You Help Me Understand the Cloud?

The cloud is a fantastic technology designed to give you anytime, anywhere access to important files and applications, but it’s not as easy as simply picking a service and migrating to the cloud. Make sure your business computer services company will help you leverage the cloud properly.

Network Heroes can answer all of these questions – and we guarantee you’ll be happy with our answers. Go ahead, find out for yourself! Call us at 702-252-HERO or send us an email at today.

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