Without The Right Training, Your Staff Will Put Your Business At Risk.


Features of the Breach Secure Now comprehensive security program include:

  • Vital employee training exercises, such as test phishing emails, micro training lessons sent via email, and more.
  • Comprehensive and easy to understand security policies and procedures that address modern topics like Bring Your Own Device and more.
  • Regular security risk assessments to ensure that there are no gaps in your cyber defenses.
  • Breach response services, offering up to $100,000 in coverage, as well and breach forensic solutions and more.

As technology continues to become more sophisticated and complex than ever before, your employees may be operating on outdated knowledge, which can quickly put your business at risk for a data breach.

Fortunately, our team of IT security experts can work with you and your staff members to help you keep your technology secure.

Sign up for this comprehensive employee training and breach prevention service with Network Heroes right now by getting in touch with us at(702) 252-HERO (4376) or info@network-heroes.com.