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Worldox is a popular document and email management application used by thousands of law firms. It works on the premise that content must be well-organized in order to be truly helpful. You can easily access, manage, share, and store your digital files from clients and associates. Worldox is easy to customize so it meets your firm’s unique needs.

It provides endless options for handling cases, emails, files and documents of all kinds. Along with good solid email and document management, it offers:

  • Access control tools so specific staff members can collaborate on a single document.
  • Document history tools to audit a document’s history and see who did what, when.
  • Version control tools so you can track the evolution of a document and make sure you’re using the latest version.
  • Archiving tools to prioritize storage based on the documents you use most.
  • Full-Text Retrieval tools to search based on concepts as well as categories.
  • Network support tools so you’ll have a unified point of access to all of your data wherever it is in your network.
  • Document viewing tools to examine content even if you don’t have the program it was created with on your system.
  • Library service tools to organize and improve the way you catalog, retrieve and save files.
  • Document security tools to control user access and permissions.

You can unify all your content according to cases, clients, projects, and more. It provides docketing, billing and many other functions. You can manage other forms of content like emails and spreadsheets as well with Worldox.

How Important Is Ease of Use?

Worldox was created using standard file handling methods that your employees already use. It has an intuitive and familiar design that makes it easy for everyone to use. Even if you’re new to document management programs, you’ll find Worldox easy to use. For instance, if you forget a case number, just type in the name of the client and it will come up.

You have full control of the way you organize and manage your information. Your colleagues and staff can access whatever content they need when they need it no matter how you created it.

There are numerous other features including:

  • Organize your documents according to clients, matter, document type, document group, author, versions, projects, comments, and relationships.
  • Ensure only the people who need to view documents can, by defining access based on whether they’re in accounting, HR, or a member of your paralegal staff. This avoids the problems that can arise when you solely rely on password protection.
  • Quickly locate your work based on a categorized field or specific words with Worldox’s Active Profiling Technology. Efficient document recovery and storage is possible through an OCR-based search tool that helps you locate what you need.
  • Full-featured PDF editing suite of tools.
  • World-class technical support (phone and online).
  • Remote and mobile access available using any device.
  • New and helpful features added on future updates. Worldox is committed to giving clients best-in-class features.

Worldox costs less to purchase and install than other document management programs. Many law firms realize the full value sooner than with other programs. And it integrates well with your other software such as Microsoft Office and Outlook.

The application is available to purchase in three different platforms including Enterprise, Professional, and Cloud. All include rigorous security standards to help Las Vegas law firms meet compliance regulations.

Need Help Installing Worldox?

Although customers say that Worldox is easy to use, you can benefit from having the application installed and set up by professionals. If you’d like more information, you can reach out to us for assistance.

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