How IT Services Help Remote Workers Protect Sensitive Data

Hackers are using the COVID-19 pandemic to sharpen their strategies targeting remote workers. Discover how to fortify your network with advanced IT services.

Cybersecurity is a popular topic these days, especially as the coronavirus pandemic forces millions of employees worldwide to hunker down in their home offices. Hackers are taking advantage of this shift to fine-tune their tactics and target at-home workers. Industries that manage a considerable amount of data, such as those in the legal and healthcare sectors, are highly vulnerable. Security concerns heighten when you have employees accessing company networks from multiple personal devices, sometimes via public wi-fi. Now more than ever, it’s important for companies to step up their network security. Here’s how partnering with an IT company can help you do that.

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Around-the-Clock Monitoring

Data breaches can happen at any time, so it’s important to be able to recognize and respond to potential threats as soon as possible. Cybersecurity improvement begins with a risk assessment to quickly identify and correct any weaknesses in your network. A reputable IT partner provides 24/7 monitoring to intercept attacks before they lead to program disruptions and data loss. Additionally, clients have access to the latest firewalls and anti-virus software, which is updated automatically as newer versions become available.

Compliance with Industry-Specific Protocols

IT experts in Las Vegas are well-versed in industry-specific security protocols and technologies, especially those that pertain to the legal and healthcare arenas. Tech professionals help you implement solutions that ensure HIPAA compliance and maximum confidentiality.

Email Security

Email is a prime target for phishers and spammers, who engage in digital destruction through malware and virus-ridden attachments and links, which can quickly overwhelm your network. Monitoring email can be more difficult when employees don’t know how to recognize possible threats. IT service providers ensure that you have the right protections in place to prevent cybercriminals from hijacking your email system — and ultimately, your entire network.

Disaster Recovery

IT service providers ensure that your data is securely backed up in case of a disaster. Recovery solutions include on-site storage on hard drives, DVDs, and the like. In case a disaster impacts your facility, tech specialists store your data at another secure location, too.

Data and Device Management

Managing data effectively may be more challenging when you have a distributed workforce. IT professionals can help you optimize your cloud-computing capabilities while ensuring that sensitive data remains private. Technology consultants can upgrade your infrastructure so you can securely carry out billing and other transactions remotely, too.

Additionally, data integrity may be compromised when your employees access it using off-site devices. Information technology service professionals provide practical solutions to enable your employees to securely access your network, no matter their device or location, without risking a data breach.

Consulting Services

Having all your employees make an abrupt shift from working on-site to doing their jobs from home presents unique challenges and requires flexibility as you seek solutions that best meet their needs and align with your company’s goals. IT experts provide data-analysis and consulting services so you have ongoing support to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Tech Support When You Need it

Even when they’re experienced with technology, employees may encounter some hurdles when working from home. They may not have the bandwidth capacity to seamlessly perform Web-based tasks. Coordinating projects among teams of remote workers may prove difficult, too. IT professionals provide training to help your employees navigate any new platforms or applications your company may be using. Giving your staff access to on-demand tech support allows them to solve problems with minimal frustration, improving productivity and morale.

Working with an IT company to bolster your cybersecurity saves time and reduces costs since you no longer have to manage it on your own and can focus on running your company. Legal and healthcare entities face special challenges when it comes to safeguarding sensitive data. Advanced IT services allow you to keep a step ahead of would-be hackers to provide the highest possible level of data protection.