What Is VoIP And Why Should You Consider It For Your Business Phone System?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology provides transmission capabilities for communicating over the Internet. Why would you want to do this? Read below, and we’ll tell you about the benefits of using VoIP technology for your business.

VoIP is also referred to as Internet telephony. Internet telephony offers benefits that you can’t obtain by using traditional phones. The majority of Fortune 500 companies have been using VoIP technology for over ten years now. It allows you to make calls from a desktop computer equipped with a VoIP phone.

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP converts voice vibrations into compressed digital signals that translate into Internet Protocol (IP) packets. These IP packets are then converted to a standard telephone signal if the caller on the other end is using a regular telephone.

VoIP isn’t a novelty or a passing technology fad. VoIP is here to stay and has become the choice of organizations around the world. Businesses in Las Vegas are giving up their old ways of calling and switching to VoIP Business Phones.

What Are The Benefits Of Using VoIP Business Phones?

Cost Savings

Voice Over IP uses your existing LAN (Local Area Network) to transmit data. This eliminates the need for local phone plans and long distance services. In most cases, your current broadband solution will supply enough bandwidth without slowing down your network.

Traditional voice and data networks can be combined on a single network to decrease your monthly spending with a local carrier significantly. This makes calling over VoIP nearly free of charge.

With VoIP Business Phones, you can save between 30% to 50% over other phone systems. And you’ll also save on long distance calling, internet services, faxes and interoffice communications. Plus, you won’t have to pay those annoying monthly fees that local carriers charge.

Long distance VoIP calls are either free or much less expensive than with traditional phones. VoIP lets you allocate funds usually spent on traditional phone bills to other aspects of your business.

Plus, in most cases, when you sign up for VoIP Business Phones, you’ll be charged on a per-user basis. You won’t have to pay upfront for any phones or connection fees. This makes using VoIP Business Phones a scalable option where you can add or reduce the number of phones you use according to your need.

Improved Productivity

VoIP allows your employees to multi-task without interruption. They can share documents and conduct virtual meetings. And they’ll benefit from enhanced voice clarity that’s indistinguishable from traditional business phones.

It also enables your staff to integrate software programs such as email, efax, and remote conferencing over the Internet. They can speak to somebody over the phone while accessing other applications, including the Internet.

Increased Mobility

VoIP services integrate with your staff’s mobile phones. They can check their voicemails or transfer calls to their mobile phone when they’re working in another area of your facility or from any place they happen to be. This keeps all of your employees connected and accessible wherever they’re working from.

Your employees can take their VoIP adapters anywhere, making it possible to hold telephone conversations anyplace that provides an Internet connection. This helps employees who are always on the move or who are required to travel.

One of the best things about VoIP telephony is that you can take your VoIP phone anywhere. Just plug it into the Internet, and make and receive calls as if you were in your office. No one will know that you’re not.

Your communications will function normally whether commuting to another location or sitting in an airport lounge. And, you can make low-cost calls from any place that offers Wi-Fi, such as coffee shops, hotels, and a variety of other locations.

Increased Flexibility

VoIP Business Phones can keep you connected, even when phone and power lines are down. This is especially important for business continuity.

You can manage all of your communication tools from one simple platform. Some VoIP solutions let you make and receive calls from your laptop or tablet.

Because VoIP technology has been specially developed to work with computers and smartphones, you can take advantage of powerful communication features such as:

  • Integrating with Your Security System
  • Faxing Without a Fax Machine
  • Analytics
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Video Conferencing
  • Call Screening

It’s Easy To Install & Use

VoIP installation doesn’t require technical knowledge to install. The easy installation process offers a considerable advantage over traditional telephones. All you need is internet service to run your phones. There’s no requirement for separate cabling like there is for conventional phone systems.

The scalability of VoIP system also makes it easy to add new components with minimal hassle.

VoIP technology combines and stores data on a single network. And, all of the traditional business phone features you expect are available in VoIP systems, including call hold, call transfer, call hunt, conference calling, find me/follow me, auto-attendants and more.

With all the advantages a VoIP Business Phone solution provides, doesn’t it make sense to check it out for your business in Las Vegas?

Looking For A VoIP Business Phone Provider In Las Vegas?

Contact Network Heroes. Because VoIP, computers, and mobile devices and are designed to work together, it’s essential that you have access to an IT support company like Network Heroes. We understand modern VoIP telephone systems and how they can be used to boost business productivity and enhance your communications.

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