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Non-profit organizations have unique requirements when it comes to IT services. They handle donations and sensitive financial information from a variety of sources, all while being as transparent as possible to their donors and potential donors. They also have the same data storage and communications needs that most small businesses have, all on a limited budget and with often limited space.

We call ourselves “heroes” not because we have large egos, but because we view ourselves as being there for our clients whenever and wherever we’re needed, just like heroes. It’s part what sets us apart from other IT service companies. Many of our clients feel the same way. One of our non-profit clients recently had this to say about our service,

“When I first saw the name, Network Heroes, I thought ‘What an ego! Heroes, really?’ However, after working with them for a year, it’s true.”

IT services for non-profit organizations in Las Vegas

We realize that all non-profits have individual needs, depending on your focus, your size and your mission. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your organizations, your hopes and your dreams before we even start to talk about IT services. Only after we thoroughly understand your organization will we recommend an IT services package. We won’t recommend any services that don’t apply to your organization, but we’ll make sure that you have all of the services you need.

Just a few of the many IT functions we provide include…

  • Strategic IT Planning. We like to think of ourselves as your CIO–your chief information officer. That’s because we can handle all of your data, computing and communications systems. If you’re a new non-profit, just getting started, or if you’re a well-established charity, we can put systems in place to ensure your success and allow you to spend time securing donors and other funding.
  • Cloud strategies and implementation. Cloud storage and computing allows you to take advantage of many cloud-based services, such as VoIP phone service and Office 365 suite of software, as well as be able to access all of your files from any Internet-enabled device. With cloud storage, you’re no longer tethered to your own set of servers. You can free up that space that used to house those bulky servers.
  • Wireless networking. Non-profit organizations have special data security needs. After all, you are dealing with sensitive financial information from your donors and from the organizations you help. We will set up, maintain and regularly update your wireless network so that you and your authorized employees can get to the files you need without allowing your donor’s sensitive financial information to be vulnerable to hackers.
  • Hardware and software recommendation and sales. While you know the ins and outs of grant-writing and donor solicitation, you may not be an expert on all things tech related. At Network Heroes, we listen to your company’s IT needs and recommend the hardware and software products that will be meet those needs as well as your budget. Once we’ve been working together for a while, we’ll even anticipate your needs by recommending upgrades just before you need them.
  • Computer support. We know how aggravating having your system go down can be. It can all but bring your workday to a halt. At Network Heroes, we’ll assign a dedicated team for your organization to call when you or your staff are having difficulties with your system or any of your peripherals and we’ll work to get your back online quickly and efficiently. Plus, since we are already familiar with your network configuration, you won’t have to spend a lot of time on the phone with us to explain the problem.
  • Cybersecurity. Non-profit organizations rely on trust. If that trust is breached, even when it isn’t your fault, you could see your funding disappear overnight. We understand how important security is to your organization and will set up firewalls, encryption and other tools to make sure the donor information you handle is secure and resistant to hackers. We will also regularly upgrade your anti-virus software, monitor your system for any threats or unauthorized access, and set up your network so that it’s virtually impossible for unauthorized persons to log into your system.

To learn more about how we can help your Las Vegas non-profit organization operate more securely and efficiently with quality IT services, visit Network Heroes today or contact us at (702) 252- 4376. We’ve been helping non-profit organizations like yours with their IT needs for more than 20 years.