When you’re running a small business or a nonprofit, you want to spend time on what’s important to you — whether it’s meeting with clients, finishing an important project, or delivering exceptional service. The last thing you need is downtime or losing work because of a computer problem or network issue.

IT problems = Lost productivity

Did you know that a recent survey found that U.S. employees spend an average of 22 minutes a day handling IT-related issues? While 22 minutes may not seem like a lot of time, this adds up to about 92 hours a year – which is more than two weeks of working time!

So while technology and computers can save a lot of time and increase a company’s efficiency and productivity, they can also result in employees wasting time and feeling frustrated over issues such as resetting a password, programs crashing, and not being able to get on the Internet.

If you own a small business or nonprofit in the Las Vegas area, you might have an employee who serves as your company’s unofficial “IT person.” While they may have a working knowledge of computers and can handle minor IT issues, these employees probably can’t handle more severe and complicated technical problems.

Expert, responsive support from local IT heroes

When your employees hit an IT roadblock, what do you do? Do you have a reliable IT service company to resolve these types of issues? Network Heroes is a local company of IT professionals who can provide reliable, responsive small business IT services Las Vegas — no matter how large or small your problem is.

Instead of worrying about dealing with computers, call Network Heroes whenever you have a computer problem and they will respond quickly and fix the problem the first time, all at a reasonable cost.

For example, let’s say your employees can’t get on the Internet and do their work. You could try to troubleshoot the problem yourself and waste hours dealing with it. In the meantime, your workers can’t do their job and you’re losing valuable time away from clients, planning, and other essential tasks for your business.

Network Heroes is your go-to expert for IT services

Not only does Network Heroes respond quickly when you have a problem such as accessing the Internet, they’re also a long-term IT partner for more complicated issues such as:

  • Cloud solutions: Rather than keeping data on a local server where it’s vulnerable to fire, theft, and other problems, you can use the cloud to free up office space, improve accessibility to your customers, eliminate storage and cooling costs, and quickly upgrade your systems.
  • Business continuity planning: Network Heroes can help you plan and prepare so your business doesn’t go offline if a disaster strikes.
  • Computer and network security: Network Heroes can assess your risk, implement and conduct security audits, and monitor your systems, so your business is online 24/7.
  • Email and spam protection: Block spam from clogging your employee’s inboxes so there’s less chance of getting infected by a virus and wasting time sorting through junk emails. Important emails can be stored safely and backed up online.
  • HIPAA risk analysis: If you have a healthcare practice or organization, Network Heroes can be your Healthcare IT Advisor (HIT). This is especially important to help you conduct a thorough and ongoing HIPAA risk analysis so protected health information (PHI) of patients is securely stored and accessed.

How Network Heroes helped a nonprofit

Here’s an example of how Network Heroes worked with a nonprofit in Las Vegas with their IT issues. When Chiara, the new employee started at the nonprofit, she didn’t have a lot of experience with computers, so when Chiara hit a problem using a computer, she called Network Heroes for help.

Chiara was delighted and satisfied with how Network Heroes responded. She said, “When I have a problem, I can call, describe the problem, and Network Heroes is there for me right away. They answer and address my calls immediately and can usually resolve the problem within an hour. They patiently guided me through what I need to know.”

Chiara also emphasized how Network Heroes also provides service with a personal touch: “They know what computing issues each one typically deals with and can provide the personalized support they require. They are so patient with us, and their services are always effective and reliable. In my opinion, the people at Network Heroes are saints!”

How to contact Network Heroes

If you’re looking for IT services for small business in Las Vegas, call the Hero Hotline at 702-252-HERO (4376) or 844-336-HERO (4376), or visit their website at www.network-heroes.com. You can also email them at info@network-heroes.com or send them a fax at 702-823-0222.