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ProLaw For Your Law Practice

With the growing competition among law firms, how can you get a step ahead of the others? And, how can you compete against the huge legal enterprises with virtually unlimited budgets? The answer? – By using the right practice management software. With ProLaw software you can save time, money and grow your legal business in today’s competitive environment.

ProLaw by Elite, a Thomson Reuters Company, is a legal practice management, document management, and accounting solution all in one. It’s designed for midsized and larger firms for those with more than 6 total users.

With ProLaw, you can streamline your workflows and increase your efficiency. And because it’s cloud-based, you and your staff can securely access it anywhere at any time with any computer device.

ProLaw Helps You Manage Everything You Do

ProLaw comes with multiple modules including:

  • Accounting
  • Billing
  • Trust Accounting
  • General Accounting (AR, AP, GL)
  • Practice Management
  • Client & Contact management
  • Matter management
  • Calendaring (including rules-based calendaring)
  • Link to legal research
  • Document Management
  • In-line document storage
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Version Management
  • Email Management
  • Check-In/Check-Out
  • Index & Search
  • Business Development
  • Risk Management

ProLaw Will Save You Time & Trouble

Financial Management: Because it’s designed with an emphasis on accounting, ProLaw helps you manage your general ledger, accounts payable and receivables, trust accounting, bank reconciliation, budgeting, and cost recovery. You can produce detailed financial reports that help you get a handle on your finances. ProLaw’s financial management application automates time tracking and expense management.

Billing: Invoicing and billing are easy and provide flexible billing rates, fees, frequencies, and more. You can also accept credit card payments via ProLaw’s ClientPay feature. Print and manage customized invoices based on each case and arrangement and format them to reflect a flat rate or an hourly fee.

Time Management: Track your billable hours with ProLaw’s automatic timer. You can even do this while working in Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel, or Adobe Acrobat Reader. ProLaw has a notification system that asks you if you want to track hours while you’re working with one of these applications. Just let ProLaw know and it will automatically track your time. And because it’s a mobile solution you can track the hours you spend on a case remotely.

Calendaring & Email: Sync ProLaw’s calendar with your Outlook calendar. When you schedule appointments, input reminders and rank tasks, ProLaw keeps track of everything for you. And while ProLaw doesn’t have its own email platform, you can link your Outlook account with ProLaw.

Document Management: Store multiple file types for any given case, and you include emails, photographs, and video and audio files along with your documents. You can also cross-reference files with multiple matters, clients, and events. Plus, you can create bulk entries and automatically convert any document into a PDF. Documents can be displayed in a number of ways to fit your preferences/needs.

Case Management: ProLaw helps you maintain organization and includes a calendar view, reminders and actions that you can take via a dashboard. It lets you manage an entire matter lifecycle to serve your clients more effectively and efficiently.

Other Ways You’ll Benefit From Using ProLaw

ProLaw is fully integrated into a complete package. It’s the only mainstream legal practice management application that incorporates a true DMS, or Document Management Solution, with versioning, check-in/check-out features, and more.

If you like Microsoft Office, you’ll like ProLaw. Much of its interface looks and works like Office. This makes it familiar and easy for you and your staff to use.

Documents Are Contained In A Database. You usually have to link Word and PDF files to a matter. With ProLaw they are stored right in the database so everything is kept together. This means you don’t have to maintain a separate file system. This makes it easier for you to find the files you need.

ProLaw In The Cloud provides the accessibility you need. You won’t need on-premise servers to run ProLaw. And when you and your staff are outside the office, you can still securely access documents and billing software. Plus, you can work on them in real time. This is much more secure because you won’t be emailing files back and forth to the office. You’ll also have access to your finances, files, documents and email, anytime, anywhere.

In Conclusion

With features like financial management, billing, time tracking, calendars, research, matter management and accounting, ProLaw will be your go-to solution for everything your legal practice requires.

The list of positives and great reviews for ProLaw goes on and on. As a trusted IT consultant for attorneys in Las Vegas, NV we can help you find the IT solutions that work best for your firm.

Contact us for more information about ProLaw and other practice management software. Network Heroes is here to answer any questions you may have.

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