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In today’s world, specialization is more important than ever and the concept holds as true in the IT support field as in any other walk of life. When it comes to a law firm, you wouldn’t want to hire a real estate lawyer to represent your traffic ticket, nor would you hire a criminal trial lawyer to help negotiate the sale of a business franchise. When it comes to the software your office uses, you don’t want to hire someone who isn’t familiar with your specific programming to conduct law firm IT support, but would be better served by an IT support company accustomed to working with law firms.

Using a Specialized Law Firm IT Support Company

The fact is any IT personnel are going to be capable of setting up your computers, updating software, and making the office equipment work properly with the programming you run. For that matter, you or anyone else in your office could get the network up and running if you didn’t already have your own jobs to do, and had time to figure out how to make everything work. What works better is for a specialist with a law firm IT support company who understands the software you use and how you use it to manage your IT needs so you can do your job with as little downtime as possible.

Managed Support for Legal Offices

Although there are other programs which can function well in a law office, PCLaw software is a paradigm that lawyers, paralegals, and office support staff have become accustomed to. Theoretically, Microsoft Office can handle everything you do, but realistically it isn’t set up for your needs and you would spend half your day arguing with your computer trying to get it to work. The same holds true with your IT support team. Someone who is great with medical software is undoubtedly a talented computer guru, but probably isn’t the best fit for your law office. You need someone who is familiar with your specific needs.

Financial Management and Case Management

PCLaw software helps manage some of your basic office functions efficiently. From a financial perspective, it helps track billable hours and makes sure your office isn’t losing money. This is especially important when working on multiple projects throughout the day when those “few minutes here and there” tend to fall through the cracks and not be billed; those few minutes add up to hours and you’ll have done more free work than you can afford if you let those hours continue to build.

Case management is a bit different but arguably more important, since that’s really what you do. You need an overview of each case readily available for review, along with access to finer details you’ve already determined apply and any backing resources you may need to cite. It’s all at your fingertips with PCLaw, once a qualified IT specialist sets it up with your input toward what aspects of a case are most important and what information you need to have readily available.

Data Storage and Security Through a Law Firm IT Support Company

Data security is an important aspect of any business, but especially so with a law office since the very nature of your business requires both legal and ethical discretion with the information you hold. PCLaw uses a secure cloud server to manage your closed, current, and ongoing case files. You and your clients can rest assured the information is safe from either a viewpoint of data retrieval in case of a disaster or from prying eyes which might have hacking abilities. Private information remains private and you have control over what you need to share with other interested parties.

Why Use PCLAW and What PCLaw Can Do for Your Office

PCLaw is designed specifically for law offices based on what law firms look for in and dislike about other programming solutions. It can be set up and ready to use quickly, as there are alterations and preferences to be made since it is designed for lawyers. An architect wouldn’t want the software because it won’t meet their needs, nor would a retail store owner who also uses billing software. PCLaw is designed specifically for lawyers to manage billable hours while keeping the information you need available regardless of your legal specialty.

Features and Support

Although cloud storage has already been discussed, it requires an extra emphasis on how it keeps your information safe from both internet hackers and physical threats to your hardware. The information is stored in a separate place than on your computer, so even in the disaster of a flood or fire destroying your hardware and backups, the information is still there. In a potentially worse scenario, if someone unauthorized to do so gains access to your computers, the information is stored elsewhere so they can’t see it. A third benefit is that you don’t have to be in your office to review a file, you can log in to your information on the cloud from home or while on vacation from a secure computer and internet access.


Network Heroes is a Law Firm IT Support Company serving the Las Vegas area who specializes in PCLaw and other software solutions for law offices. By specializing in managed IT support for legal practitioners, we have an intricate knowledge of the software and hardware needs of a law office and how the partners and their employees use their equipment. Network Heroes provides the technical support you need so you can focus on the case at hand and do what you do best.