PCLaw Support & Consulting In Las Vegas

LexisNexis’ PCLaw practice management software will help you automate and streamline your firm’s administrative tasks. It’s geared for legal billing and accounting, and it suits small practices as well as mid-sized firms.  Network Heroes supports PCLaw as part of our Law Firm IT Services.

PCLaw Is Now In The Cloud

PCLaw isn’t new. It’s been around a long time as an on-premise solution. PCLaw partnered with Uptime Legal™, a legal-specific cloud service provider that has successfully moved hundreds of firms to the Cloud. It’s recognized by the ABA and hosts PCLaw on dedicated cloud servers. They provide unlimited support and run constant antivirus and security monitoring so you can be assured that your data is always safeguarded.

Now that it’s cloud-based, you can easily and securely access your files from anywhere you have an internet connection. It remains on the shortlist of legal practice management applications that help firms handle case management, time tracking, billing and full-fledged accounting.

PCLaw Provides Robust Features With Everything You Need To Run Your Practice

With its calendar, you can keep track of important deadlines and meetings. Access critical matter information and search using client number, matter number, matter description or type of law.

Via its dashboard, view useful information at a glance and toggle between “My Practice,” “My Clients,” and “My Business” modules to find everything you need.

PCLaw will take the hassle out of running your firm with easy:

  • Matter management,
  • Time tracking for billable hours,
  • Appointment and task scheduling, and
  • Tracking of your firm’s performance.

It’s a powerful billing and accounting software program. You can:

  • Collect payments;
  • Manage payments and business expenses;
  • Write and print checks from bank or trust accounts;
  • Reduce unbilled billable time by automating time capture with Time Entry Advisor;
  • Email bills or submit LEDES-formatted bills electronically and get paid faster with fewer hassles;
  • Balance your accounts and locate outstanding balances;
  • Review your profit and loss statements in real-time;
  • Reconcile bank statements; and
  • Manage trust accounts.

PCLaw’s Annual Maintenance Plan

You and your staff can get customer support with:

  • Jumpstart Onboarding–custom onboarding tailored to your firm from PCLaw’s help desk staff.
  • Support with a variety of tools inside and outside the software.
  • Upgrades and new releases to keep you on top of the latest features.
  • Free training, plus ongoing tips and tricks to help you quickly brush up on the features you use the most.

New Authorized Hosting Program

LexisNexis recently developed its new Authorized Hosting Program that meets the highest standards of reliability, security, ethics, and support. Your data is stored on an off-site, secure server. Key benefits include:

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery with data centers that are continually maintaining and monitoring your systems, ensuring optimal reliability and security.
  • Remote Access: With private cloud hosting — You and your staff can work anytime, anywhere with a secure Wi-Fi connection. Your management, legal and compliance needs are readily available.
  • Security and Compliance: PCLaw offers secure and compliant access to the tools you need. With bank-grade encrypted security, LexisNexis’ partners offer multi-factor authentication, onsite cloud backup, and restricted access, so you know your information is safe.
  • Support and Upgrades: You can upgrade your software faster than ever. Instead of having to deal with multiple vendors when you have an issue, LexisNexis’ partners can assist with all of your technical and PCLaw questions.
  • Legal-Specific Hosting: Unlike cloud providers that offer services spanning across multiple industries, LexisNexis’ providers focus on the challenges law firms face when managing matters, billing, and accounting. Their extensive experience in the legal industry means that their understanding of your security and compliance are of high priority.

Law Firms In Las Vegas Like Using PCLaw

That’s because:

  • It’s straight-forward and simple to use.
  • Setup is quick.
  • You don’t need other accounting software. It’s a complete billing and accounting software package.

The Bottom Line

If you want a robust billing, accounting and reporting platform, and don’t have a need for more comprehensive case management features (such as document/form assembly and rules-based calendaring), PCLaw will work for your firm today and as it grows.

As a trusted IT consultant for attorneys in Las Vegas, we can help you ask the right questions and find the IT solutions that work best for your firm. For more information about using PCLaw or other types of legal practice management software, contact Network Heroes.

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