A law firm is only as good as its ability to manage cases, workflow and other daily tasks, and law software is core aspect of that ability. Are you confident that your IT support company can optimize your law firm applications to ensure you get the most out of them?

NetworkHeroes specializes in support for Las Vegas legal firms and the industry-specific applications they use such as PCLaw, ProLaw, and more. These programs help law firms manage their entire operation, including communication, billing, scheduling and more. Lackluster support for your Las Vegas law firm’s PCLaw and ProLaw configuration can lead to inconvenient and costly issues, such as:

  • Regular system crashes
  • Missed court dates
  • Integration problems with Microsoft Office
  • Resorting to using multiple programs when one should be able to do the job

NetworkHeroes is a known expert in the Las Vegas area with PCLaw and ProLaw. We have helped many of our clients make the most of these programs, and we want to help your law firm too! With our services you can enjoy the following benefits of PCLaw and ProLaw:

  • Minimal downtime, with fewer crashes, hanging and lagging
  • Total integration with Office, including Word, Outlook and more
  • Stress-free system conversion and upgrades from subpar law firm applications

In addition to the experience NetworkHeroes has with PCLaw and ProLaw, we can also offer total support for other industry standard applications, including:

  • Tabs 3 – Track your time, create statements, allocate payments, and run client status reports in a few simple steps.
  • Amicus – Practice management software that allows your firm to manage cases, matters, contacts, calendars, files, phone calls, emails, documents, research, time, billing and accounting all in one place.
  • Time Matters – Law firm management software that focuses on your firm’s ability to collaborate on matters, streamline internal processes and increase growth with more efficient billable hours and greater productivity. 

Don’t settle for second-rate law firm application support in the Las Vegas area! To learn about our outstanding support services for law firm software such as PCLaw, ProLaw and more, get in touch with us today at (702) 252- 4376 or sales@network-heroes.com