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National Insurance Consultants, Inc. (NICI) is a full-service insurance company based in Las Vegas, with branch offices in Virginia, Colorado, and Texas. Their specialty is serving businesses in the transportation and construction industries. They’ve been in business for approximately 20 years and have 19 employees in their four separate locations. They rely on Network Heroes to keep them connected and their data accessible no matter where they are.

It was Katrina Wilson, one of the owners of NICI who hired Network Heroes.  Why?

“Because unlike others, they were able to come in and make an immediate and accurate assessment of our IT needs.  Then they provided us practical and cost-effective recommendations, but didn’t try to upsell us in any way. I was sold right away — and to this day I’m so glad I was!”

The Situation & The Resolution

NICI’s file server was old and slow.  They needed an up-to-date cloud solution to allow their users to work collaboratively, and a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution so they can speak to one another wherever they are without spending a fortune on long-distance calls.

Jon, Alex and the team at Network Heroes implemented an OS33-model Webtop cloud solution for their users.  For their phones, they installed and deployed a hosted VoIP solution from Broadview Networks.

In addition to the cloud services, Network Heroes provides a flat-fee managed service contract to support their users when issues do arise.

Today NICI has better accessibility to their data and to each other, and without the need for them to purchase any new equipment, software, or licensing.  Instead they use a pay-as-you-go model. This way they can easily add or subtract users as needed.

In addition, if individuals leave their employment, taking smartphones and tablets with them, Network Heroes can wipe the devices clean of company data.  This has happened on more than one occasion and ensures NICI’s proprietary and confidential information doesn’t leave when employees do.

Rave Reviews!

Katrina can’t say enough about Network Heroes.  She and her partner Herman have been extremely pleased with their services.  Katrina remarked about the many benefits they’ve realized using Network Heroes.

Increased Efficiencies and Productivity

“They helped us centralize all of our documents and data in a secure cloud, so our employees can work from wherever they are, whether they’re in one of our four offices, or on the road.  For me personally, with everything centralized, I can more efficiently get proposals to clients, and documents to my employees without having to retrieve them from a staff member’s computer.  As a result our efficiencies and productivity has been greatly enhanced.”


“The solutions Network Heroes implemented for us have cut down on employees downloading information that may contain viruses.  Plus we now have the ability to limit the websites they can visit when at work, and we can monitor what they’re working on.”

Responsiveness and Expertise

“Network Heroes is awesome.  We had issues with printing and they came in right away to resolve them. They even come in after hours if we need them. One evening when trying to access QuickBooks, we discovered that our previous employee had left us with the wrong password.  We were desperate to close the books for the year and couldn’t get into our accounting system.  Network Heroes came to the rescue that night and helped us gain entry to the system.  Even if I call them at 1a.m. they always call me right back.  Other providers often took 24 hours or more to return my calls.  Network Heroes also manage all our vendor relationships and third-party software. They’re incredible! We consider them our outsourced IT Department and our go-to team for all our technology needs!”


“Network Heroes has saved us a significant amount of money in technology in the past two years. Their flat-fee agreement has been great.  We had a break-fix agreement before and it was eating us up.  Now with the fixed cost we aren’t billed extra hours.  It saves us a huge amount of money.  When comparing our statements, I discovered that they’ve saved us at least 30% over what we were spending before.  And this doesn’t include the cost in our time that we were expending before Network Heroes.”

Simply Exceptional!

“Network Heroes isn’t your every day company.  They’re simply exceptional and go way beyond what others have in the past.  We can’t do without them, and never want to!”

If you’re looking for an exceptional IT provider in Las Vegas, look no further than Network Heroes.  For a complimentary, no-obligation assessment of your IT needs (without any upselling!) call us at (702) 252- 4376 or email us at: sales@network-heroes.com Just like Katrina, you’ll be glad you did!