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Springel & Fink LLP is a busy litigation firm with offices in Nevada, California and Arizona.  They have a staff of 35 employees, with 18 attorneys, and have been serving clients for nearly 20 years. All of their offices rely on technology every day for networking, email and Internet needs.  Slow IT times and downtimes are simply not an option for them.

The firm decided it was time to switch from their expensive and somewhat unreliable large national IT company to a smaller local IT firm.  Choosing the right Las Vegas IT company was a major decision and they needed to be selective. Network Heroes was highly recommended by another law firm, so they decided to give them a try.  And they’re so glad they did!

According to Adam Springel, Managing Partner of Springel & Fink:

“Jon and Alex from Network Heroes are first class people. They are always available, on time, and come through when issues arise.  They do this for a fixed rate so we can better budget our annual IT expenses.  It’s a privilege to work with these two men of great integrity and character and I highly recommend them to anyone else considering making an IT change.”

Springel & Fink has been using Network Heroes’  “Hero Managed IT Service” for three years now.  Network Heroes acts as their CIO and network manager, and are involved with everything related to technology. They take care of all their offices and will even take a flight to make onsite visits to their California office.

Shayna, Firm Administrator for Springel & Fink said:

“It’s so much easier now to get the help we need.  The large IT company we previously used couldn’t provide the timely service and personal touch we needed.  Network Heroes makes time for us.  We have direct access to them, and if we have an emergency they drop everything and come to our rescue!”

Since taking over the firm’s network management, Network Heroes has:

  • Replaced all their servers with new hardware.
  • Deployed a virtualized environment that provides many benefits including reduced hardware costs and power consumption, and improved the reliability.
  • Installed WAN (Wide Area Network) accelerators to improve the IT speed between their offices.
  • Migrated them to Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Implemented a BDR (Backup Disaster Recovery) solution to protect their network.
  • Used network upgrade solutions from Microsoft, Dell, HP, SonicWall, eFolder and others.

Another example that Shayna shared was when Network Heroes took over a project that she was tasked to complete. During the busiest time of the year she was asked to find a reliable videoconference system.  Shayna simply couldn’t find one that suited their needs.  Jon from Network Heroes took over the project for her and believes he has found the perfect solution. He’s acting as a liaison with the vendor on Shayna’s behalf to complete the project.

Shayna exclaimed:

“Network Heroes are our lifesavers and we strongly recommend other law firms use them!”

Network Heroes always goes “above and beyond the call of duty” and will do the same for your law firm.  For a complimentary assessment of your IT needs call (702) 252- 4376 or email us at: sales@network-heroes.com