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If you haven’t noticed the commercials lately, for Glass and Mirror companies, Information Technology has weaved its way into their industry too. The advertisement shows the customer looking at a phone app to track the service vehicle. In the next scene, a technician is holding a tablet entering information, while out on the job. Then you see a call center person checking her computer noting when the service arrived, reviewing the information the tech uploaded to the cloud and then making a friendly call to the customer for their feedback once the job is complete. Keeping all that in sync is a savvy IT company.

Looking For A Local Las Vegas IT Services Company For Your Glass & Mirror Company?

Unlike the old days, you could open the phone book, thumb through the pages and find a local Las Vegas IT business address listed. Today, you hop on the internet and search for local IT companies hoping to find someone in your city.

It can be frustrating when a company won’t list their physical address in plain sight. When they make it difficult to locate that information, there is a good chance you may look elsewhere. But before you leave, here are three areas, on most websites, to check first before you exit the site.

  1. At the bottom of every webpage in the Footer section, the IT company lists their address.
  2. The Contact page has the physical address, phone number, and an optional contact form.
  3. The About page sometimes will show the business’ physical address.

But if it is of great concern, that you will only use a local IT Services Firm, give them a call. Ask them if they have a physical location. If they do drive over to their shop, walk in, and sit with a consultant and discuss your IT services needs or changes you want while you are there.

How Can a Glass & Mirror Company Get a Fair Quote?

If you called in, wanting a quote over the phone, there is a good possibility you may not get that. Not because the IT company doesn’t know their pricing, but primarily every IT system is different. There are no two systems alike due to the initial installation and setup, plus any upgrades, additions or changes that have occurred over the years.

So, how does a residential and commercial glass company get a fair quote, without an obligation to sign a contract? You would request a local IT Consultant to come out to your location, and review your operation’s setup and provide a quote.

Through their final analysis, you will discover many things about your system and what your options are. You may find that old closet server you’re still using, your local cable company provided, doesn’t have proper firewall protection, or you’d save more money moving to a cloud service infrastructure, like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS for storage protection and recovery options.

*On a side note, if an IT company throws out a price over the phone and they will not put that in writing, there is a good chance, once you do meet, the amount will change. So please be cautious.

What Are The Basic IT Services For A Glass and Mirror Company?

Deciding what IT services, you want comes down to an operation’s choice.

  1. Do you want an “As-Needed” services? – You’re in control of your system. You or one of your staff members addresses all IT problems. When something goes wrong, you call in for service.
  2. Do you want Outsourced IT services? – The IT company is in control of your system. You nor any of your staff members address any IT problems. When something goes wrong, IT support contacts you.

As for typical IT system services for a residential and commercial glass company. You should expect at a minimum to see these items provided:

  • Small Business IT Services – expert integration and support
  • On-Demand Services – pay-as-you-go professional IT services
  • Managed Services – 24/7 service for a predictable monthly fee
  • IT Consulting – practical, customized solutions and up-to-date expertise
  • Business Continuity Planning – disaster planning, prevention, and protection
  • Email / Spam Protection – halts spam in its tracks and stores your emails safely
  • Computer & Network Security – expert assessments, implementation, and ongoing auditing, monitoring, and management
  • Legal Industry Solutions – increase security, compliance and billable hours by ensuring data security, availability, and uptime
  • Cloud Solutions – increase accessibility, free up office space, save money, eliminate storage and cooling costs, upgrade your IT on the fly

Due note: Some IT companies may offer package plans, introductory bundled offers, sign-on incentives. Do make sure to ask if their company has any IT Services specials you can take advantage of and what are the expiration date(s) for their offers.

Will An IT Company Buy or Credit A Glass and Mirror Company’s Old Hardware?

If you have any outdated or legacy hardware, and they need replacing, ask if the IT company is willing to buy or credit that equipment. Depending on the type of hardware your system uses, some IT businesses will refurbish that equipment. If the device’s support has expired, then the chances of selling it are slim.

If you have more questions about your IT hardware, its life expectancy or if support for the device has expired, a local Las Vegas IT services firm would be willing to assist you. Give them a call or stop by their location.

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