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IT Policies and Procedures That Drive Peak Organizational Security

Take some time to explore a few reasons that Network Heroes offers as to why IT policies and procedures are so important to your business.  

In an ideal world, businesses would not need to create policies and procedures in the workplace. Taking on the task is daunting because of its scope and the resources it takes to develop something specific to the organization while touching on a broad range of IT issues. Further, employees feel fear and worry when the time comes to review and sign off on the official document laying out the policies and procedures. (1) Part of their dread lies in the basic human response of rebellion against a perception of micromanagement and mistrust from leadership.

Living as realists, wise executive teams and IT managers work together to create a comprehensive, relevant and dynamic set of policies and procedures that protect their organization, which includes employees and their interests.

In today’s technology-driven business environment, it is folly to operate without a thorough and thoughtfully drawn up manual laying out IT security policies and procedures.

IT Security Policy

What Are Policies and Procedures?

It is easy to lump policies and procedures together without considering what each one means, entails and achieves.


Policies help you ensure that you achieve and maintain compliance with industry laws, standards, regulations and best practices. Policies may come from the federal, state, local or internal levels.


Procedures give you the guidance to properly perform daily functions. They also give you the tools to manage everything from data management protocol to data breaches and disaster recovery. You will have a guideline to navigating everything from

Learn Why IT Security Policies and Procedures Are Vital to the Health of Your Business

Are you wondering if you need to develop your own set of policies and procedures to guide your organizational technology usage? Is it important to help your employees understand the value they have for your organization and their place in it?

If so, it may help you to take a closer look at three key reasons you need them.

1. Address Risks and Threats

Watch the news on any day, and you will probably come across a news story regarding a data breach. With policies and procedures, your team is better equipped to detect risks and threats to mitigate or stop them in their tracks. Additionally, if you cannot prevent an infiltration, your policies and procedures will guide you through your disaster recovery plan and your business continuity services plan.

2. Engage Employees

Any time you can help engage employees and encourage them to feel a commitment to your organization, everyone wins. As mentioned earlier, employees often feel apprehensive when the topic of cybersecurity policies and procedures comes up. However, with the right attitude and approach, you can include your employees in the process to help them understand the reasons for each policy and procedure. With greater understanding, they are more likely to dutifully comply with usage and password policies. Including your employees in the development, implementation and deployment process of creating policies and procedures helps them feel valued, invested and far less intimidated.

3. Reduce Operating Costs

Carefully drafted and finely-tuned policies and procedures manual for IT reduce operating costs by improving the basic understanding of your organization’s technology resources and how to use them wisely. By establishing clear rules and criteria for usage and management of computer, network, software, hardware, IT vendor management and information security, you can establish consistent and universally observed best practices as the cornerstone of protecting your information systems, data and other IT assets, and IT investments. (2)

Are You Ready to Develop Your Own Policies and Procedures?

Now that you have a better idea of why IT policies and procedures are so important to your organization, you may feel ready to create or update your own.

Our team at Network Heroes is here to help you get started. Contact us today for more information on developing your own IT policies and procedures.