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Las Vegas 725 area codeBeginning May 3, 2014, you must dial the area code + phone number for all your local calls.  

The 725 Area Code is being added to the 702 area to ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers. Since these two area codes will now serve the same geographic region, the area code must be used when dialing any telephone number.

In addition, any equipment programmed with a 7-digit number will need to be reprogrammed with the 10-digit number.

Some examples include:

  • Life safety systems,
  • PBXs,
  • Fax machines,
  • Internet dial-up numbers,
  • Alarm and security systems,
  • Gates,
  • Speed dialers,
  • Mobile phone contact lists,
  • Call forwarding settings,
  • Voicemail services, and similar functions.

Be sure to also update your phone number to include your area code on your website, business stationery, advertising materials, personal checks, contact information, and your personal or pet ID tags.

For more information, you can call CenturyLink at 1-800-788-3500 or visit: http://puc.nv.gov/ 

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