Business Technology Fully HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliance and data security are a part of everyday conversations for businesses. See how your IT solutions provider can help reduce complexity in your operations.  

Knowing the potential liabilities and risks that you face when running a business is a vital component of maintaining a healthy business, so it’s not surprising that conversations with healthcare and life sciences organizations often turn to the difficulty of maintaining complex records for HIPAA compliance or new data privacy laws. The cost of a HIPAA data breach can be significant, and even with the additional coverage provided by cybersecurity insurance, the penalties could easily overwhelm your business. In general, HIPAA breaches cost an average of $200 per victim, a figure that is even more frightening when you consider that most breaches number in the thousands — if not millions — of records. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to mitigate the ongoing risks of HIPAA and data privacy compliance.

Ongoing Review Helps Reduce Risk of HIPAA Violations

Your business platforms are constantly growing and evolving as you add new vendors to your mix, re-engineer business systems for greater efficiency or provide your patients and staff with greater access to crucial information. Each of these steps could potentially open a vulnerability that could not only be considered a breach in your HIPAA compliance but also leave your cybersecurity insurance with a loophole to disallow any payments in the event of a breach. Failing to meet basic HIPAA and data privacy standards has an even darker side, however. If your patients perceive that it’s risky to their personal information to do business with your practice, it may not take long for people to take their business elsewhere. Working with a proactive group of technology professionals who are familiar with HIPAA standards as well as electronic health records (EHR) and can provide an ongoing review schedule for your business helps reduce the possibility of a breach or unexpected violation.

What is Included in a HIPAA Security Check?

While each business is unique, there are certain items that are generally included with a HIPAA compliance and data security review. Your internal IT team may work with an external partner or auditor to certify and document that you’re maintaining a high level of security and that you’re in full compliance with HIPAA requirements. This thorough HIPAA risk analysis allows you to create and prioritize a list of top items for remediation, as well as longer-term considerations for your business. These basic safeguards are almost always recommended for healthcare companies:

  • Review of all electronic protected healthcare, financial and personal information
  • Identify and document the storage location and access levels for protected data that’s being collected
  • Determine threat likelihood based on the current security measures that are in place
  • Quantify risk level for different types of digitally-stored protected health information

In addition, an annual review of the risk analysis based on the changing realities of the business is highly recommended.

Without full compliance with HIPAA requirements and the correct storage of protected health information (PHI), your business could be liable for thousands of dollars in violations. The best option for businesses is to proactively review your HIPAA and data compliance readiness on a regular basis with a trusted IT services partner who has a great deal of familiarity with the complex needs of your business. As Las Vegas’s #1 IT support company, Network Heroes specializes in providing healthcare and life sciences businesses with the dedicated support and platform reviews that you need for compliance. Contact us today at 702-357-5405 or fill out our online form to schedule a call with your future network hero.