Cyber Security Training is Essential to Protect Your Data

Network Heroes provides cybersecurity training in Las Vegas. Our heroes can help you develop an interesting, comprehension cybersecurity training program for all your employees.  

Cybersecurity Training

All organizations should consider Cyber Security Training In Las Vegas. Prevention is the best way to spare your company the anguish of phishing and ransomware attacks. Practicing cyber hygiene may even prevent data breaches of sensitive company data. Training your employees is a benefit to them when they check their email at home and work. This benefits everyone they come in contact within the digital world.

Should Government Officials Be Forced to Undergo Cyber Security Training?

Officials in Germantown, Tennessee have restricted a local alderman’s email account because he refused to take cybersecurity training. Alderman Dean Massey failed to complete a 45-minute course mandated by the city’s IT administrators.

Massey said he thought it was strange that a city employee was demanding that elected officials take the training, which wasn’t requested in past years. Eventually, he received an email notice that said his government email account was restricted due to his failure to complete the course.

Massey, who had never been the victim of a ransomware attack, simply set up a personal email account for his official city business. This doesn’t violate Tennessee state laws or ethics policies. His refusal, in July 2019, coincided with a ransomware attack on nearby Collierville, Tennessee, underscoring a prickly question about how to balance the security of local government networks with the personal rights of its citizens and elected officials.

Let’s take a look at what’s included in cybersecurity training.

What’s Included in Cyber Security Training In Las Vegas?

The security training program should include tips to help employees avoid scams. Here are some great guidelines to get you started:

  • Don’t open unsolicited emails
  • Don’t send funds requested by email and report the email to your leadership
  • Always filter spam
  • Install firewall and antivirus programs — keep them updated
  • Avoid clicking on unknown links
  • Don’t open emails from unknown domains and senders
  • Be sary of any unexpected email attachments

While email is by far the most common way hackers attempt to get into your network, a comprehensive training course should also include these topics:

  • Clean Desk Policy
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Policy
  • Safe Internet Habits
  • Data Management
  • Social Networking
  • Removable Media
  • Physical Security

A trained and conscientious workforce decreases the possibility of a data breach. Therefore, a comprehensive security training program that includes essential guidelines can stop cybercriminals in their tracks.

Setting up regular meetings with representatives from different departments helps keep everyone in the know regarding the latest viruses and ransomware.

Why Should You Choose Network Heroes?

Network Heroes is different. Providing cybersecurity training in Las Vegas is just one of the ways we save your business the hassle of downtime and additional expense. We know that once your employees are trained to act as watchdogs for your data, there’s a decreased risk of data breaches. Our heroes can help you develop an interesting, comprehension cybersecurity training program for all your employees. We can even run phishing tests to let you know who’s the most likely to click on dangerous emails.