The need for strong cybersecurity in the business world has never been more dire.

It’s estimated that the global cybercrime industry will cause up to $6 trillion in damages in just a few years. It remains such a lucrative business because targets keep failing to learn how cybercriminals operate, and how to protect against it.

A key point of failure is the ad-hoc approach many businesses take with their cybersecurity. Instead of approaching it holistically, they add solutions and services here and there, when they find out they need them. This approach is bound to leave a vulnerability or two unaddressed.

That’s why a comprehensive strategy is so much smarter – like the Bundled Cybersecurity Solution from Network Heroes:

  • Cybersecurity Training: The average phishing attack costs businesses $1.6 million – can you afford to pay that price because one of your staff members can’t recognize a phishing email? Our training services offer simulated phishing attack, security awareness curriculum, and weekly micro-training sessions in order to maintain your staff’s knowledge of the latest cybercrime scams.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication : MFA is a great way to add an extra layer of protection to the existing system and account logins. In fact, 45% of polled businesses began using MFA in 2018, compared to 25% the year prior. By requiring a second piece of information like a randomly generated numerical code sent by text message, you’re better able to make sure that the person using your employee’s login credentials is actually who they say they are.
  • Dark Web Scanning & Monitoring : Did you know that your SNN could be for sale for as much as $45 on the dark web right now? We can help you find out for sure, with Dark Web Scanning & Monitoring, which keep tabs on the shadiest corners of the online world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll check the dark web for you to make sure your personal information and business data aren’t be sold to cybercriminals.
  • Network Security Monitoring & Assessments: Did you know it takes most businesses up to 6 months to find out that they’ve experienced a data breach? It’s important to recognize how much you don’t know – but we can help you find out for sure with our Security Monitoring and Assessments. We’ll continuously monitor your IT network to look for vulnerabilities and will fix them before they cause problems.
  • PII Protection: We will help you protect your Personally Identifiable Information on an ongoing basis, detecting unauthorized logins on your accounts, wireless connections, and unwanted duplication and storage of your private data in places where it shouldn’t be.
  • HIPAA Compliance Support: Did you know that almost half of all ransomware incidents reported last year targeted healthcare companies? That’s why you likely need a little help with HIPAA compliance, a key aspect of which is cybersecurity. In line with our HIPAA Risk Assessment, Security Training and Policies and Procedures services, we’ll deliver a range of vital compliance -supporting solutions including firewalls, backups, and remote monitoring and management for your hardware and devices.

Why try to piece together your cybersecurity from a dozen different solutions and services? Get everything you need in one place – keep your cybersecurity simple, and stay secure.

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