Network Heroes is pleased to welcome our latest team member, Brandon Loyd, who recently joined our team as a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), in order to help our clients better strategically use information technology for the purpose of enhancing efficiency, boosting productivity, and above all, staying profitable.

Brandon’s primary goal is to utilize his knowledge and expertise to provide strategic planning and guidance to our clients. We believe he’ll be extremely beneficial to our company, as well as our clients – working alongside our team to help our clients get the best value out of their IT investments through:

  • Strategic planning/budgeting
  • Infrastructure design
  • Auditing/policy changes
  • And much more

We look forward to working alongside our latest team member in an effort to better serve our clients. Brandon explained, “With an outsourced vCIO, they don’t have to actually have a CIO in-house so they don’t have to spend a lot of money. The ROI for our clients is going to be a lot more apparent.”

He continued, “Also, with the auditing and policy changes, strategic planning/budgeting, and infrastructure design, they’ll save money on the long run and create more value in return for their customers and employees.”

Imagine a World Where IT Actually MAKES You Money, Instead of Simply Costing You Money. NetworkHeroes Makes That Dream a Reality.

We know your information technology is the foundation of your company – and we know it’s costly to purchase, implement, and maintain systems that keep your company going. That’s why we’re always making changes to help you enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and stay profitable.

NetworkHeroes hires the best of the best to keep your technology running at its best. Contact us at (702) 252- 4376 or send us an email at for more information.