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Google Calendar vs. Outlook – What’s Best for Your Law Firm?

Do you want the best possible calendar to track critical court dates and case events? When it comes to your calendar software, it’s fundamental to choose the right one – otherwise, you’re at risk for missing scheduled court appearances, which often results in costly re-filing fees and damaged client trust.

Network Heroes is here to make the choice easy! We’ve broken down the differences – and similarities – between Google Calendar and Outlook, along with questions to help you make the right decision. Keep reading or simply give us a call at 702-252-HERO.

  1. Do you need offline support?
  • Outlook runs on your desktop and allows you to manage your calendar without being connected to the Internet, however, if you need to share calendar information, you must be online.
  • Google Calendar will only run in your browser, however, it will work in any browser you’re using; and if you’re using Chrome with the Google Calendar extension installed, you can access limited features offline.
  1. Do you need multiple event options?
  • Outlook allows you to attach relevant files to any event; however, there’s not too many extra event features that are innovative or helpful for most law firms.
  • Google Calendar has a quick add feature that allows you to create events via simple sentences, as well as add optional icons to view event details at a glance – and background styles can be used to visually enhance events.
  1. Do you need to share your calendar?
  • Outlook gives you three ways to share your calendar – send via email, publish the calendar online, or share with other Exchange users through a Microsoft Exchange Server account.
  • Google Calendar offers four permissions for other users to view your calendar – whether you’d like others to modify events, invite users, or only view events on the calendar.

Still have questions about which calendar is right for your law firm?

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